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Can You Change a Color Tattoo to Black and Grey Vancouver Toronto Canada

We recently published an article titled Can You Tattoo a Color Over Black. We unveiled that such a thing is possible, so it’s only logical for you to assume that the reverse would be even easier. Can you change a color tattoo to black and grey? The black ink part is certainly easier, but when it comes to grey we enter into a grey area, pun intended. If you have a tattoo that you love the design of, but only wish that you had it done in black and grey instead of color you’ll be pleased to know that something can indeed be done. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know.

3 Things That Can be Done to Change a Color Tattoo to Black and Grey

Leverage Existing Colors to Create Grey

Logically a tattooist can black-out the color of your existing tattoos, but things get more complicated for turning other shades into grey. It can work when other shades are lightly toned. Of course, black and white will make grey, but can the existing colors of your current tattoo be leveraged to make the grey you desire? If your current tattoo features yellow, orange, or red, combining one with two of the others can help create a “warm grey”. If your current tattoo features green, blue, or violet, combining one with two of the others can help create a “cool grey”. However, only a highly skilled tattoo artist can pull this off. Be sure to carefully choose a tattoo studio (here’s how) and tattoo artist (here’s how) to manage this special request.

Fading for Black & Grey Shading

Again, blacking-out any color is easy simple enough for an expert tattooist with a steady hand that will leave no remnant of other colors. But shading in grey is more challenging. If existing colors (as addressed above) cannot be leveraged to create the desired grey shading aesthetic, you will need to find a local studio that provides laser tattoo fading. Laser tattoo fading is an evolution of traditional cover-ups and color-overs. In your case, it allows the laser to fade the colored ink to the point that black and grey shading can be applied to the desired area, without requiring the design itself to be removed. This is most likely the best option for you. Schedule a consultation today to confirm.

Remove and Replace

Ultimately, you may find out that simply blacking-out and/or fading an elaborately colorful tattoo for black-and-grey shading won’t cut it. If this is the case, we encourage you to choose the best laser tattoo removal service in your locale and have the old tattoo removed and (after healing) replaced with the black-and-grey design that you really want.

Can you change a color tattoo to black and grey? Where there’s a will there’s a way at Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver BC and Toronto ON. Schedule your consultation to choose the best course of action.