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The question of “Can you tattoo over a fresh tattoo?” is such a bummer because it indicates that the inquirer just received a tattoo that they are not happy with. All of the excitement and eager anticipation falls to the wayside after the individual gets up from the chair and stares at the work in the mirror, feigning satisfaction when in reality they are fuming inside. They exit the tattoo shop and instantly perform an online search for how soon the tattoo can be covered up with the design they actually wanted. Since you’re reading this, we assume that the person described above is you. We’re glad it is, because despite the unfortunate predicament you have found the place to get answers. Please read ahead.

What You Need to Know About Tattooing Over a Recent Tattoo That You’re Not Happy With

It Must Heal First (so take great care of it)

If by “fresh” you mean within a month from getting it done, we’re sorry to tell you that you must wait a little longer. Most tattoos take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, while larger ones can take up to 6-months. We know it doesn’t feel this way, but the initial anger that you feel now will subside. It’s extremely important to take care of the tattoo even though you hate it. This may seem like taking care of a cockroach after expecting a puppy, but you must follow the aftercare instructions to the tee. Doing so will expedite the healing process and get you closer to the moment that your skin is ready for a proper work of body art.

Choose a Studio That Does Cover-Ups

You could return to the shop that gave you the bad tattoo in the first place, but very few offer freebies or deep discounts to dissatisfied clients. And if they do, they won’t be enthusiastic about it, as they generally blame the lack of communication on the client. Instead, come to a reputable studio that places the customer first, understands what you’re feeling, and importantly – does tattoo coverups. Adrenaline VanCity offers coverup services.

Consider Tattoo Lightening Before Cover-Up

Depending on the color,  depth of ink, and size of the design, it may be better to have the tattoo lightened before attempting a cover-up. Doing a cover-up on its own can limit what your new design will be, as you’ll be constrained by size (having to encompass all borders of the unwanted tattoo) and color/tone. By securing the services of a tattoo shop that offers lighting (also known as fading) via state-of-the-art laser technology, you can fade the “bad ink” to the point that you can cover up the old tattoo with practically any new design that you desire. People in your position are known to travel from all over the country and continent to take advantage of this service. Adrenaline VanCity offers laser fading for coverup services via the new NIXX Laser Tattoo Removal in-shop clinic at our Kitsilano studio.

Let’s take care of that unwanted as soon as it’s ready for coverup. Schedule a risk free and COST FREE consultation today by clicking the preferred link below.