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Tattooing Over Moles

You can tattoo over freckles without any cause for concern, but is the same true for moles? In theory you can certainly tattoo over these common types of skin growth that are caused by clusters of pigmented cells. Most people have 10 to 40 moles, so there is certainly nothing odd about them and most people end up tattooing over them without giving it any thought. That said, the answer about whether or not you should tattoo over more prominent ones is not quite as clear cut as it is with freckles. Below is what you need to consider.

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Getting Tattooed Over the Moles on Your Body

Are They New?

Have you had the moles since birth? Then you’re confusing them with birthmarks (aka beauty marks). If this is the case feel free to get that tattoo. The same is true of the moles that appeared in adolescence (assuming that you’re not in your late teens or early 20s) as long as they have not changed in size and shape since then.

It’s the moles that have appeared in adulthood that you want to be more mindful of. For the most part, there is nothing to be concerned about as moles to appear in greater number as we age and have been exposed to reasonable amounts of sunlight. For some people the increased number of moles with advanced age is purely genetic and ultimately unavoidable. But the reason that we state to be more mindful of these ones, is that while likely benign, you want to be able to monitor them for significant growth and change in shape or color. If there is a change, you will need to see a physician and/or dermatologist to confirm that treatment is not needed for an underlying issue. When you tattoo over them, you will not be able to actively monitor for changes and seek remedy. In such cases it’s best to work your tattoo design around the moles (more on this below).

Get Clearance from Your Doc or Dermatologist

As alluded to above, you should seek clearance from a physician-recommended dermatologist before tattooing over larger (diameter greater than a standard Sharpie felt pen tip) moles that have recently (the last five years or so) appeared. It’s always a good idea to get them checked out anyways. Once it has been determined that they are benign, your doc or dermatologist may give you clearance to get inked, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Working Them Into the Design

If you and/or your physician prefer to keep an eye on moles, then work them into your design instead over tattooing over them. This is fairly easy to do with a well-trained tattooist, even if you have quite a few moles on your body. For most designs the dark spots will be indistinguishable from the tattoo ink. Even if going for bright and vibrant new-school types of colors there are ways to work the moles into the design without throwing off aesthetics. The same is true of large and protruding moles. But again, it comes down to skill. You need to connect to an artist from a reputable studio and convey your desires and concerns to them beforehand. This can all be accomplished via your initial consultation. Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you (Greater Vancouver and Toronto) to make it happen.