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First Thing to do After COVID Lockdown - Get a Tattoo

The BC Government has announced its economic reopening plan. It will be a phased step-by-step process, but as each week and month progresses residents will be able to find some sense of normalcy, whatever that looks like this summer. Among the businesses that are permitted to reopen this month are personal services such as hair and nail salons and physiotherapy clinics – both of which require close-contact between a client and practitioner. The information is a little ambiguous as it applies to tattoo studios, but word on the street is that we too will be able to serve our beloved public in the very near future.  It makes sense, as tattoo studios have always had to follow the most stringent of health and sterilization requirements. Adrenaline Studios has always led the way in the capacity and after the arrival of COVID 19 on Canadian soil we upped our game to exceed all mandates. Learn more about what we’re doing to keep the health concern from breaching our doors.

With all of that out of the way, we now pivot to one thing that people across the city have been asking one another – what’s the first thing you’re gonna do after the lockdown? We have the perfect idea – get a tattoo. Here’s why.

3 Excellent Reasons to Get a Tattoo After the Lockdown

Because Life is Too Short

This may be an age-old mantra but EVERYONE has realized how true it really is after recent events. Within days of the initial lockdown people all over the city, country, continent, and world exclaimed that they wish the squeezed in one more big trip or other bucket list item. It’s easy to put something off when it can be found around the corner, but it’s another thing when it becomes out of reach. For this reason we have been inundated with requests to schedule a tattoo as soon as the shop opens. The public has absolutely come to terms with the fact that life is indeed too short and that putting something they’ve always wanted to do no longer makes sense. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take advantage of this new outlook on life and finally get that dang tattoo!

Your Boss Won’t Care Anymore

Many people who want to get a tattoo avoid doing so because their boss or some other “figurehead” in their life may look down on it. Trust us, they don’t care anymore. Even the stickiest stick in the mud has changed their tune after the health crisis, realizing that sweating the petty stuff is, well, petty. Showing some ink passed the cuff of a rolled up sleeve will no longer be seen as inappropriate. All that matters is that people are in good health and spirits. Plus, a big part of the “new normal” will be increased opportunities to work remotely from home and away from the traditional workplace, so you may not have to cover up your ink job at all, if you felt so inclined.

It’s Time to Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

One thing that was lost during the lockdown was the ability to embrace who we are as individuals through a variety of activities. You were instantly unable to travel to places that feel like “home” and connect to their distinctive cultures. You were not able to attend concerts and see bands that seem to be playing a tune just for you. You were not able to watch your favorite sports team strive for the playoffs. You were not able to hit the gym, surf, snowboard, or even play basketball in the community park by your condo. While many of these activities remain restricted you will soon have a way to express your passions in the most permanent way possible – a tattoo. Can’t see your all-time favorite band play this year? Get their insignia inked on your arm. Can’t cheer on your favorite team from the bleachers? Get their logo tattooed. You get the idea. It’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve in every sense of the manner. We know we will.

Adrenaline Studios is currently in discussion with BC health officials and we are optimistic about reopening our Vancouver shops soon. Stay tuned for further updates. For more on what we’re doing to keep COVID 19 far away from our studios and you, click here.