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Where to Get a Tattoo If You Want to Hide It at Work

In a recent article, we dropped data on how in 2019 (and beyond) a tattoo can actually help your career by boosting your unique and personal brand. However, some remain stuck in jobs with a boss who is a total a$$ and need to keep their new tattoo under wraps. Today, we’ll help you navigate around this conundrum with some advice on where to get high impact ink while keeping it hidden from the higher-ups.

5 Great Places to Get a Tattoo Without Catching Attention from Your Boss


You can shoulder your executive duties while still expressing yourself during “you” time with this prime placement. The only way your boss will see it is if you happen to hang out in a tank top at work. If your job is that casual, there’s a good chance that a tattoo won’t matter. Shoulder tattoos are about as high-impact as the chest or upper back, but unlike the latter it won’t show through a light dress shirt because of the way the material bends over your acromion (top of the shoulder) and the outer facing part of your deltoid.

Inner Bicep

Like the surface of your chest or upper back, dark ink the outer bicep will also show through light dress shirts at the office. But if you’ve always wanted a tattoo on your upper arm go with the inner bicep. This zone is out of the corporate eye, but will help your musculature pop when rocking a cinched-up short sleeved t-shirt on the weekend.


Some people think anywhere on the lower extremity is safe from prying executive eyes, that is until they’ve been invited to a summertime corporate retreat and the like. Instead of the calf or shin, make a big splash aesthetically without getting noticed by the bigwigs with a thigh tattoo. One day when you finally quit that job, or take over as the boss and change the game, you can expand upon your thigh tattoo by working your way down the stem for greater effect.

Nape of the Neck (proceed with care)

You’re looking for impact without infringing upon the company dress code. The best of both worlds can be found with a stamp on the nape of your neck, which is also named as one of the best places to get a small tattoo. Whether considering an astrological sign or anchor, the nape is primed for hidden ink, but you do want to be careful when getting it done. Hit the closet and pull out two of your favorite collared shirts (or your work uniform) and bring it with you to the tattoo shop so that your artist can take note of exactly where a given collar’s top stops. Have them mark it, then move around as you normally would at the workplace to see if it becomes visible when sitting and performing any other day to day duty. If it does become visible, lower the intended spot by an inch or so until the mark doesn’t peek out from under.

Lower Torso (abdominal / ribcage)

This impactful zone may not be for the faint at heart (those with a low threshold for pain) but in the end a design on your abdominal area and/or ribcage is extremely statement making, yet without visibility in the corporate environment.

Still unsure of where to get your new ink? Schedule a consultation with one of our studios and your tattooist will help you figure out placement and design that doesn’t put your Canadian pension plan at risk.