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Get What You Get Tattoo Vancouver

We report on tattoo trends from time to time. We generally do so not to inspire, but to dissuade readers from making a decision they may regret. After all, trends are steeped in brevity. We prefer that you make your decisions based upon concepts that you will remain passionate about for a lifetime. There is quite possibly nothing that fits the bill of tattoo trends to reconsider than the Get What You Get Tattoo (GWYGT) concept.

A GWYGT is exactly what it sounds like. A tattoo concept and design is selected for you via a random method, and you get it permanently tattooed. Popular (read: trendy) methods of selection include gamifications such as “Plinko”. For those of who haven’t grown up watching The Price is Right, Plinko is a game in which participants take circular chips and slide them down a board that has rows of pegs in it, so that the chip eventually comes to rest in a slot at the bottom of the board, When applied to a GWYGT, the chip lands on a tattoo design. Other common methods found in tattoo shops that offer a GWYGT involve gumball-type dispensers that have tattoo flash tucked into plastic capsules. Participants put their coin or token in, turn the crank handle, and receive the GWYGT.

It’s not a stretch to suggest that if you’re online and searching “Get What You Get Tattoo Vancouver” that you are at risk of getting a tattoo that you may regret. That being said, you could indeed have a more than reasonable motivation. Perhaps you’ve been plagued by indecision your whole life, and this is the only way you can actually “decide” on a tattoo that you’ve been putting off for eons. Or, you have a large collection of tattoos already, and have run out of inspirations for what to add next. Alternatively, you may be a big believer in letting fate and the Universe decide things for you, which aligns with the GWYGT concept. If you’re confident that you want to move forward with a GWYGT then we suggest that you come to Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver to get it done. Here’s why.

Why People Set on Getting a Get What You Get Tattoo in Vancouver Should Choose Adrenaline Studios

Insightful Staff Increases Odds of Relief

No matter how much of a risk-taker you are, a GWYGT is risky business. The good news, is that even though you may request a GWYGT, our staff will take the time to get to know you during your initial consultation. From this consult, they can select from a handful of designs/concepts (that you can randomly select from) that will at least increase the odds of a tattoo that betters suits your personality and passions. Other studios that offer GWYGT typically don’t do this, which increases the odds of disappointment and subsequent regret.

Specialized Artists Increases Odds of a Good Match

If after considering the consultation above, you still want a completely random design, you can at least select the tattoo style. This ensures a better match for your personality which will also reduce the risk of regret. In this case, Adrenaline staff can use an online random tattoo generator and then connect you to a tattooist who specializes in a style that you prefer. Adrenaline has handpicked tattooists that specialize in every style, from American Traditional and Blackwork to Illustrative and New School, and beyond. View our tattoo artist portfolios and find a style that you connect with prior to requesting a GWYGT.

Here for You After, Just in Case

If your roll-of-the-dice eventually leads to regret in a year or longer, you’ll at least be glad that you came to Adrenaline Studios for your GWYGT. As a part of the Adrenaline family (as all of our clients are) you will have access to our tattoo cover-up, fading for cover-up, and laser tattoo removal services. View more about each of these services below:

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