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How to Make a Tattoo Appointment Vancouver BC

You’ve decided to get a tattoo. However, you don’t have any experience with the process, nor do you have a tattooed friend to ask for a referral. As a result, you’re online in search of advice for how to make a tattoo appointment while here in Greater Vancouver BC. Below is a breakdown of exactly what you need to do not just to make an appointment, but to get a tattoo that you’re happy with. Let’s review!

5 Practical Steps to Making a Tattoo Appointment in Vancouver BC

Step 1: Choose the Studio

Getting a first tattoo is an important milestone in life, and you should give the entire process the attention it deserves. Before doing anything else, choose a tattoo studio that will ensure not only a successful tattoo, but a great experience too. Follow these tips to choosing a tattoo studio in Vancouver, and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Select a Concept

If you haven’t already, decide upon the concept that you desire. You don’t have to know the exact design of the tattoo, as a tattoo artist can help, but it does expedite the process when you can communicate the concept to shop staff. How does a concept differ from design? The concept is the general idea of what you want. For example, an eagle tattoo is a concept, whereas an old-school American-traditional eagle tattoo, or realism version of a bald eagle, are specific designs. As long as you know what your desired concept is, you can make your tattoo appointment with confidence.

Step 3: Narrow Down the Tattoo Artist/s

You selected the shop and concept for your tattoo. Now it’s time to look at the shop’s tattoo artist bios and portfolios and find a good match for your desired concept. When you look at their bios/profiles you will gain confidence in who among them is best experienced in the style and genre that you like. You may also feel a connection to certain artist personalities when referencing their social media profiles. View more on how to choose a tattoo artist for your first tattoo. Narrowing down which tattoo artist/s you would like to perform your work of body art is all that you need to move forward to make your appointment.

Step 4: Call or Email to Book

You can book your appointment using the shop’s online booking form which will request items such as your name, contact information, desired days/times, and details regarding your desired tattoo. If you find a booking form a little intimidating or too committal (as you may still be undecided on some things) you can simply call to speak with a helpful staff member who can walk you through the process, and answer any questions/concerns that you may have.

Step 5: Or Walk-In

If you don’t quite feel ready to call or email to book your appointment, you can walk-in to explore the shop and ask questions beforehand. We know that not all tattoo shops are welcoming, which is why we encourage you to take this step into one of Adrenaline VanCity’s tattoo shops. We have locations in Kitsilano, downtown Vancouver, and in Mount Pleasant on Main Street. All of our shops accept walk-ins, and are welcoming to all.

That’s it! Make your appointment today, or feel free to walk-in to one of our Greater Vancouver shops anytime. We look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your journey into the world of body art.


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