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How to Remove a Large Tattoo

Remorse over your large tattoo?

Getting a small tattoo removed is logically less complicated to remove than a large one. However, you’re most certainly not out of luck if you fall in the latter category. Below we breakdown everything that you need to know about having a large tattoo removed.

4 Things to Know When You Want to Have a Large Tattoo Removed

When to Get Started

Assuming that you’re in good health, you can begin the process right away UNLESS you have recently received the tattoo. Those who have recently received a tattoo and are unhappy, or outright furious, with the work may think that they should act quickly to get the ink removed before it “settles” into the skin. This is not the case. For health reasons, you must wait until the tattoo has fully healed. Since it’s a large design, this could take up to six months, perhaps more. View more about how soon you can remove a tattoo.

Best Procedure for Tattoo Removal

Don’t even think about getting a tattoo removed via surgical excision. This is a painful and invasive method that is ripe with potential health complications. Laser tattoo removal is the only way to go. That said, not all laser procedures are the same. Steer clear of studios and clinics that use Q-switched lasers. It’s an antiquated technology that is less effective and also exhibits increased potential for complications. Call up a given laser tattoo removal studio to ask if they use Q-switched lasers. If they confirm it, hang up the phone.

Instead of barbaric surgical excisions and outdated Q-switched lasers, choose a studio that uses PicoSure laser. This state-of-the-art superior method uses photomechanical technology to shatter the ink particles of a large tattoo. As a result, clients will experience less discomfort, which is very important when working on a greater surface area of the body. In addition, this form of laser removal affords clients a shorter recovery time, and fewer overall treatments (more on this below). Learn more about the benefits of PicoSure.

How Long It Will Take

This is not something that will be completed in a few weeks. Typical small to medium sized tattoo removals can require anywhere from two to eight sessions with PicoSure laser treatment (the fastest laser option). For a larger tattoo you could be looking at up to 12 sessions, but of course every person is different. Now we know what you’re thinking. 12, or even just eight sessions sounds grueling. But did you know that PicoSure laser treatments for large tattoos only be completed in 20 or 30 minutes? That’s a relief for those who abhor the thought of sitting for another procedure that long. But this does not mean that you will be free of your large tattoo by the end of the month. In reality, you could be looking at a year for a large and especially complicated (deep tones, etc.) piece. Why? Because even with PicoSure (the fastest laser option) you’ll have to wait four to eight weeks between treatments for best results. There is a lot of room in this time-estimate, which is why we encourage you to schedule a consultation right away. It’s best to get started now if you are adamant about getting it done as soon as possible.

Another Option?

Are you searching for options about how to remove a large tattoo because you simply don’t want a tattoo anymore? Or, is it the design that you’re unhappy with? If the latter, you can use PicoSure laser tattoo removal to fade the existing tattoo, which will make room for the tattoo you actually want. With fading, you require far fewer treatments. It cuts the requirement by about 80%. Learn more about how the fading for coverup procedure works.

Your journey towards removing a large tattoo begins with a consultation. If you live in the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area contact a tattoo removal studio near you.