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How Soon Can You Remove a Tattoo

This is an unfortunate question that you find yourself asking. It indicates that you just received a tattoo and you’re not too happy about it. Whether getting inked with a certain design was an ill-advised spur of the moment decision is beside the point. You’re only thought at this moment, is to get it removed ASAP. How long do you have to wait? Let’s discuss.

Most Important Things to Know When You Want to Get a New Tattoo Removed Right Away

You Must Let It Fully Heal First

You may think that since the tattoo is fresh that getting it removed right away is the best course of action since the ink hasn’t fully “settled” in your skin. Unfortunately, this is not viable, and no professional tattoo removal service will accept you until the tattoo has fully healed. While it may appear to have healed after a week or even a few days, it hasn’t. Most tattoos take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, while larger ones can take up to 6-months. A reputable tattoo removal clinic/studio will be able to gauge how recently you received the tattoo, but trust us when we state that it’s in your best interest to be completely honest with them about how long it has been. Otherwise you put yourself at risk of infection and other complications. For this reason you must treat your unwanted tattoo the same way that you would one that you’re happy with. That means following the prescribed aftercare regime. The better and faster it heals, the sooner you can get it removed.

Even if the design is so bad that you can’t bear to look at it, just cover it up, be patient, and book your appointment for when the time is right. That said, we absolutely encourage you to come in for a consultation at our tattoo removal studio. Our specialists will guide you through the initial process, can follow up with you to monitor healing progress, and will be ready to begin your treatments as soon as viable.

The Type of Tattoo Removal Solution is EVERYTHING

The fact that you have a new tattoo that you hate indicates that you may not have taken the time to choose a design, or to properly vet a studio and its tattooists. Please don’t make the same mistake when it comes to getting the work removed from your skin.

The type of tattoo removal solution makes a HUGE difference in health, safety, timeliness, and overall effectiveness. Do not get a surgical excision, which surprisingly some antiquated tattoo removal studios in Vancouver still perform. Instead, you should choose laser tattoo removal. That said, be wary of tattoo parlors that use certain laser technologies. Namely watch out for Q-switched lasers. You can call a given parlor or check their website”s FAQ to uncover whether or not they are using this outdated form of laser technology. What you DO want to look for, is a studio that uses PicoSure laser. This state-of-the-art technique employs photomechanical technology to shatter tattoo particles. As a result, PicoSure patients report less discomfort, shorter recovery time, and fewer treatments when compared to Q-switched lasers. Learn more about the benefits of PicoSure. We must include an addendum to this point. There are cosmetic clinics that offer laser removal services using PicoSure technology, but you are advised to get your tattoo removed from an actual tattoo clinic versus the cosmetic clinics whose primary focus is removal for moles, wrinkles, stretch marks, and the like. View more on why you should choose a tattoo studio over a cosmetic clinic for laser removal.

How soon can you remove your tattoo? The path forward begins with a consultation at one of our laser tattoo removal studios in Vancouver BC or Toronto ON. Contact a location near you to schedule your appointment.