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Knives cut deep when it comes to tattoo design symbolism. Research conducted at the University of Michigan reports that for many people and cultures the knife signifies concepts such as severance, death, sacrifice, division, or liberation. In other cultures (such as Buddhism) a knife represents deliverance, as in cutting the bonds of ignorance. All of that aside; some people just like Rambo. Whatever the motivation may be, you’ve got a knife tattoo on the mind but are stuck for ideas. Luckily, Adrenaline.Studios’ tattooists have complected a number of knife related designs that may inspire your own. Let’s cut to it!

We promise; no further “cut” puns.

Examples of Knife and Dagger Tattoo Designs Done at Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver BC

Face in the Blade

Knife Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

We like the juxtaposition of the beautiful face profile running along the length of the blade in this work of body art by our own Aron McKenzie from our downtown Vancouver BC studio. You may also consider integrating the likeness of someone via the reflection of the knife’s blade.

Knife in Skull

How about some blunt force trauma to an equally symbolic tattoo concept – the human skull? We love this one (also completed by Aron) but you can look at other skull tattoo ideas right here, then drive a blade right through them!


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Ornate Dagger

Inspired by the sights and legends of the medieval period, are ornate daggers which were as decorative as they were deadly. Like family crests, daggers were sometimes used to represent a family “house” or name. Do some digging into your family tree to find of if there was one that may have been used by your ancestors. This one was completed by Adrenaline tattooist Rad Carney at our Granville Street location.


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The Obvious Choice

This one makes sense for fans of the horror genre, especially those who connect to a particular character who counts a knife as their weapon of choice. The vertical rendition of Ghostface (of the Scream franchise) by Neil Rose below is a favorite of ours. Have a look at popular horror movie characters to get tattooed for added inspiration.


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The Traditional Choice

You can go wrong with a classic, and this pair of daggers from traditional tattoo artists Justin Delemont sums up the concept with simple perfection:

Dagger Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC



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