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As far as nautical themed tattoos are concerned, mermaid tattoos come to mind for many. These mythical (or otherwise) beings are beautiful, sensuous, mysterious, and often mischievous. As a result, the tattoo concept is often a great match for those who identify as such, or desire the same from a partner. You fit into one or both of these categories and plan to get a mermaid tattoo but are not certain about the design nor style. Thankfully, our tattoo artists count a large number of mermaid tattoos in their portfolios. We have handpicked a few of our favorites to share with you today. Check out these designs (and placements) to inspire your own.

Examples of Mermaid Tattoo Designs and Placements to Inspire Your Own

Mermaid Minx

Never mind the ultra-tame version of mermaids that Disney has tried to shove down out throats through childhood. Mermaids were first “discovered” around 1000 BC and they were originally known to be fertility goddesses, tempting sailors as they made their journeys to new worlds. Honor their origin story by getting your mermaid tattooed as the minx and seductress that she was born to be, just like this enticing piece by Adrenaline’s Cruise Winger.

Swamp Thing

Who said mermaids have to swim about in the deep blue sea? Consider something especially fantastical, such as this fiercely sketched mermaid-of-the-swamp by Adrenaline Studios’ Ron Smith (prior to client placement):

Beneath the Surface (and Scales)

You can draw your own conclusion regarding motivation and meaning about this black and grey mermaid piece by downtown Vancouver BC tattooist, Rodrigo Valenzuela, but we absolutely love the beneath the scales concept. It’s intense and beautiful at the same time:


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Medusa Mix

Medusa is an apotropaic symbol who is also representative of female power. We love the juxtaposition of merging this mythological being with the mermaid concept. On one end, she has the power to lure lusting suitors near to her embrace, but then can turn them to stone as she sees fit via the power held by her unmistakable mane of serpents. This is another impressive work of body art by Adrenaline Studios’ Rodrigo Valenzuela.


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Timeless Classics

More than anything, mermaids work best in the traditional style of tattooing. It’s a timeless classic that traditionalists such as our own Kurtis Chappell in Vancouver loves to do:

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