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My Husband Got a Tattoo and I Hate It - Vancouver BC

We know a good divorce lawyer.

Kidding! While we try and avoid getting involved in marital relations, your problem is not uncommon. No matter how well done a tattoo may be, spouses aren’t always happy with their significant other’s new work of body art. Can anything be done about it? Will you ever get over the disdain that you feel for it? Please read ahead for further insight.

4 Things You Need to Do When You Hate Your Husband’s New Tattoo

Give it Time

Your initial reaction may just be due to shock, especially if they surprised you with their new tattoo. Give it time, as after a few months you may actually see the tattoo in an entirely new light. You may find it appealing with the arrival of summer (etc.) when it’s on display in the right setting. You may also find that the tattoo has enhanced aspects of their personality that you appreciate, making them more confident, proud, or playful. Allow about 6 months to pass before passing judgement and causing friction between the two of you.

Communicate it in a Considerate Manner

If after enough time has passed (as per above) you still hate your husband’s tattoo, you can communicate it in a manner that is considerate of the fact that the tattoo is/was important to them. If you get into attack mode (“I hate it!”) they will be rightfully offended, get defensive, and feel as if you aren’t respecting their feelings. Sure, as a partner they should have talked about it with you first (or maybe they did) but there’s no turning back the clock.

What will communication accomplish, you ask? For one, it may unveil that they too aren’t happy with the outcome, and your communication will validate their own dissatisfaction with the work the tattooist did. If this is the case, the way is paved for a cover-up with a better design (more on this below) that you both like, or for laser tattoo removal.


What is it about the tattoo that you hate? Its existence, or aspects of the design? There’s nothing to be done about the former (if they love it) but if the latter you can make suggestions about how to improve the tattoo by adding to it once it has healed. They may be receptive to this feedback as it shows that you’ve given it some thought and are encouraging them to get even more work done. Only this time, you’ll be more involved in the process and work with them to come up with design enhancements. Feel free to include a tattoo of YOUR name in this upgrade!

Love Them Despite This New “Flaw”

Through sickness and in health, and whatever else. Simply put, don’t let a tattoo get in the way of an otherwise happy marriage. Unless it’s a surprise face tattoo, it’s ultimately inconsequential. Look at it like that old t-shirt from college that they refuse to throw away, or the love handles they have developed (or will develop) after years have passed.

We hope the above helped you figure out how to proceed. To ask about cover-ups, laser tattoo removal, to schedule your own tattoo (payback time!) or for additional marital advice (not really) you can schedule a FREE consultation at Adrenaline Studios at your convenience.


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