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2019 is almost here and that means it’s new year resolution time. Many of you are considering getting a tattoo in the first week of the new annum as a means to make a bold statement that the year to come will be one of the most defining ones in your life to date. Good on ya’. But in case you’re getting a case of cold feet that heated insoles can’t solve, we’re here with some insight as to why getting a tattoo to launch your new year “campaign” is a great idea.

5 Reasons to Make a Tattoo Your New Year Resolution

1. It Shows Commitment

It’s one thing to set a new year resolution but it’s another to actually make it happen and see it through. Sure, people may work out and eat better (common resolutions) for a few weeks, but given that studies show 80% of the population lets their ambitions fall to the wayside by February most individuals find themselves resetting the same goals in the new year ahead, year after year. The good thing about getting a tattoo to start your new calendar, is that once it’s done, it’s done. You can step back, admire it in the mirror, and feel pride in the fact that you actually did it. And that form of commitment may very well spill into the other resolutions you’ve made. Simply put, getting that long overdue tattoo is the perfect way to mark (literally) the arrival of a new you.

2. It Can Be Used to Symbolize Other Big Changes in Your (New) Life

The new year also presents the opportunity to make other major changes. You may be coming out of a bad relationship, moving on from a career that was getting you nowhere, overcoming health issues, or relocating to a new city and on to bigger and better things. The possibilities are endless and the weight of each is contingent upon what is considered a milestone by you. Whatever the case, a tattoo is a great way to complement your motivation for change.

For example, let’s say you have the goal of starting an entrepreneurial enterprise on the docket. A tattoo symbolizing that new business (your brand logo for instance) is a great way to lean into it and prove that you plan on making it work.

3. You Received Some Dough Over the Holidays

While some have broken the bank after going head to head with the mall while holiday season shopping, others have brought in a hefty haul from cheek-pinching aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Sure, you could put it aside for something whimsical such as university tuition or mutual funds, or, you could finally do what you’ve always wanted – get a tattoo, while you still have the cash to do so. After all, not everyone has friends and family thoughtful enough to give it as a gift over the holiday season.

One of the top reasons for delaying a tattoo is a lack of money to get the work done that is wanted, so when the opportunity presents itself, go for it! How’s that for practical reasoning?

4. It Will Inspire Others (in your circle)

This one carries over from item #1 above, as the commitment you show to finally getting inked will spill over into your circle of friends and family that have been procrastinating on doing the exact same. The first tattoo has a domino effect, not just for yourself (as you will likely get more and more as the years pass), but on those that follow behind you. Why not use the new year to take your place as the leader of the pack and show them you’ve got the gumption to take the first step?

5. Make a Change

The new year is all about change, otherwise known as growth, yet few people actually enjoy such a transition. As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and it really is true. By getting that first tattoo, you certainly nip that threat in the bud. Are we overstating the impact of a tattoo in this context? Not at freaking all. Time to step outside of the comfort zone and book that first consultation.

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~ Happy 2019 ~