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Tattoo for Christmas Present

Pondering what to get that special someone?

The red cups are at Starbucks which means it’s probably time to start shopping for your holiday presents. Some of your friends, family, and loved ones are a bit more complicated, and so trips to Winners, Best Buy, or Canadian Tire won’t cut it. Instead, you need to come up with something more thoughtful, unique, and something that speaks to who they are as a person. You guessed it – a tattoo. On the fence? Fret not, as we’re going to clear up the rationale behind why a fresh coat of ink if a great gift idea for that special someone in your life.

5 Reasons Why a Tattoo is a Perfect Christmas Present or Holiday Gift Idea

1. They’ve Been Putting it Off for Too Long

Tired of hearing about how they plan on getting a tattoo? Has this been an audible pattern for the last five years?

Charles Dickens, the author of A Christmas Carol, is also well know for the quote “Procrastination is the thief of time“. If that’s not a sign to get the gift of a tattoo for someone who has been putting it off, we don’t know what is! Heck, that Dickens quote alone would make a great tattoo in itself. Write it in the card that accompanies the voucher as a cheeky way to inspire them.

2. They Want One, Can’t Afford One

Not all people who want but fail to get a tattoo do so because of a propensity for procrastination. They may have been putting it off because they can’t yet afford it. This is any easy one to figure out. Walk by a tattoo shop with your friend or family member and casually inquire about why they haven’t gotten a tattoo. If money factors into the answer, you have all the motivation you need to get them a gift that will chip in or even cover the entire thing. They will be blown away when they open the gift card on that very special morning or eve.

3. They’re Big on the Whole New Year Resolution Thing

If your recipient is pretty obsessed with making major life changes at the onset of each new year, there’s a good chance that they’ll love the opportunity to start the next annum with fresh ink to mark the positive new transition in their life. In fact, life changing events top of the list of motivations for getting a tattoo. When they open this gift days before they arise from their cocoon, you’re giving them the wings they need to become a butterfly (sorry, we get cheesy at this time of the year).

4. They Have a Functional Reason for Needing It

A tattoo can have fashionable, statement making, and therapeutic motivations. But they also serve a very clear function for some. And that someone in need may be in your life at this very moment. For example, they may have a bad tattoo that they’ve already wanted to get rid of, at which point you can give them the gift of a cover up, preceded by laser therapy fading for even greater effectiveness.

The tattoo doesn’t have to be a traditional tattoo. For instance, getting them a cosmetic tattoo (aka permanent makeup) can help solve financial, time, and even medical concerns that apply to their appearance. Or, a tattoo can be used to cover up an old scar (in some cases) that they’ve been bothered by for so long. In addition, your recipient may have a variety of reasons to benefit from eyebrow tattooing or microblading. There are many applications of tattooing that you may not have considered, ones that can serve as a great functional benefit to the person you seek to give a gift to this season.

5. If They Don’t Want It, You Can Use It

Gift givers in the home do this all the time. What’s that? You don’t need this 65″ 4K UHD HDR OLED webOS 4.0 Smart TV? OK, we can just put it in my room for now. 

Look, in the end, if the grand gesture is not appreciated, there’s a good chance that someone who wants to give the gift of a tattoo will also want one themselves. Sound familiar? Then there’s no real risk here. Just don’t count on it, because your friend or family member is probably going to be pretty pumped. May as well book an appointment for yourself as well. 

With shops in Greater Vancouver and Toronto, we can provide you with a pre-paid voucher to cover a set amount to be applied to a tattoo for the lucky recipient. And if you’re building your own wish list for the season, be sure to drop plenty of hints that you desperately a need a new tattoo, and share this article on your social networks for all to see!