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How to Prepare for Laser Tattoo Removal

Have you been hit with tattoo regret? Don’t fret, because you’ve got options. With advancements in laser tattoo removal you have a truly viable means to getting rid of bad ink. But before you move forward with the procedure, take note of the following preparations.

5 Steps to Preparing for Successful Laser Tattoo Removal

1. Choose the Right Laser

The most important consideration is the choice of tattoo removal system because not all lasers are created equally. You need one that removes the ink naturally (leveraging your body’s own lymphatic system) and can effectively remove all tones and pigments with minimal pain and in short session durations over a period of time. This industry leading solution is PicoSure. Learn more about how PicoSure’s patented PressureWave technology is the best for tattoo removal, and find out if candidate studios/clinics use this system.

2. Choose a Tattoo Studio Over a General Laser Clinic

Now that you know which laser system to use, you must now decide between a general laser clinic and a tattoo studio that offers the removal service. We can solve this conundrum right away, and no, it’s not a biased answer.

There is no denying that a tattoo studio’s laser removal personnel are experts in body ink. Wouldn’t you prefer an authority in tattoo application be the one to manage removal? In addition to a superior knowledge of body ink, a tattoo studio will also present you with an option you may not have considered – using laser to fade the bad tattoo and make way for a coverup (i.e. the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of). View more on why you should choose a tattoo studio over a general clinic for laser removal.

3. Minimize Sun Exposure Before You Begin

The two most important preparations are locked and loaded so we can now move on to the practical tips. This begins with keeping out of the sun. Avoid excessive sun exposure for about four weeks prior to your first laser tattoo removal session and minimize ongoing exposure through to the last. If you must be under the sun, cover up and wear eco-friendly (less likely to irritate the skin) sunscreen. You want your epidermis to be free of irritation or unnatural (to you) conditioning, which includes sunburns, rashes, and heavy tans.

4. Get Skin Fit

Laser tattoo removal is more likely to succeed on healthy skin. Ideally you would cut out smoking and alcohol consumption (as applicable) four weeks prior to your first session and throughout. Consume (through natural foods and supplements) plenty of skin-friendly antioxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, resveratrol, coenzymeQ10, polyphenol, glutathione, and flavonoids. Even better, set aside some time to enjoy a coconut milk and honey bath and moisturize after every bath/shower with a chemical-free lotion that contains aloe. As always, get your 8-12 cups of water per day. Practice all of the above one-month out of your first session and your skin will be glowing and primed for treatment.

5. What to Avoid on the Day of Your Laser Removal 

The big day is here. You’re skin fit and headed to a professional tattoo studio for your removal. There’s just a few more things you need to do to prepare. For one, avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen before you appointment because they may cause your skin to bruise after the treatment. In addition, be sure to keep the soon-to-be-treated area clean and free of cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, and any other “agent” that can coat the skin. Also, don’t come on an empty stomach to avoid feeling lightheaded during your session. Lastly, wear light and loose fitting clothing for comfort.

Ready to talk about your laser tattoo removal or fading for coverup? Connect to an Adrenaline Studios near you for a friendly consultation.