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So you’ve decided that you want to get a tattoo removed. After a local online search for where to go for such a thing, you find that you’re presented with two types of options, cosmetic laser clinics or select tattoo studios offering laser removal. Which do you choose? For many the answer is clear, but for those not yet in-the-know, we’re here to break down the three qualifying questions you need to ask yourself before calling or dropping by to make an appointment for this very important procedure.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Between a Laser Clinic or Tattoo Studio for Your Tattoo Removal

Who Has a Better Knowledge of Tattoos?

This may be the most logic driven argument in favor of a tattoo studio. After all, the professionals within have more knowledge about tattooing and how ink is applied to the skin better than anyone, cosmetic clinic aestheticians included. A tattoo artist certified to perform laser removal will be able to look at a tattoo, the lines, the varying shades and pigment, and know exactly how deep the ink has gone. Because of this they can better estimate how many procedures will be required to effectively remove the tattoo, as opposed to a traditional aesthetician who works with laser to remove moles, stretch marks, freckles, sun spots and the like. Simply put, a tattoo studio laser tattoo removal expert is highly specialized in this singular procedure, unlike the alternative.

We may not have Enya playing in the background with the scent of lavender wafting through the air, but what’s more important, that, or having a professional who the most intimate knowledge of tattoos working on your removal?

Who Has the Better Laser?

No matter what your initial preference may be, we consider it a true public service to inform you that you should only consider an establishment that offers the safest and most effective (in the right hands, that is) form of laser tattoo removal on the market – the PicoSure laser tattoo removal system with with patented PressureWave technology. That is your primary qualifying question. Call ahead (laser clinic or tattoo studio) and ask whether or not they use PicoSure. Those that don’t will try to keep you on the line and convince you that they have an equally effective alternative. Hang up, and proceed until you find a place that uses the premium system.

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Who Will Present You With Another Option?

You may be so focused on getting rid of that unwanted tattoo (an ex’s name, poorly done design, etc.) that you forgot that you actually still want to have a tattoo. A cosmetic laser clinic will not remind you of this. Instead, they will work to remove your tattoo completely, which equates numerous procedures and very significant expense. Now if that’s exactly what you want a qualified cosmetic clinic and tattoo studio alike can accommodate, but you may not yet know about an alternative preferred by most, an alternative that can actually save you money and leave you much happier with the end result – the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of.

That’s right, when going to a tattoo studio for laser removal, you will be presented with the alternative to fade your old tattoo. This process involves the use of laser, but fewer sessions (and thus fewer dollars) are required. Your tattoo will be faded to the point that a new tattoo can be effectively applied (after an appropriate healing period) as a “cover up”. Given that you have already formed a relationship with the tattoo studio, you will have also found a professional venue to not only remove/fade your bad memories, you will have found one that can give you an amazing new tattoo. A “fade” and fresh ink can cost less that a complete removal, and the end satisfaction is typically greater. You simply don’t have this alternative when going to a cosmetic laser clinic.

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You likely have more questions about tattoo removal and we absolutely encourage you to ask. We are more than happy to answer any inquiries and address concerns. Simply call one of our studios (Vancouver or Toronto) to discuss what we can do for you.