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Reasons to Get Permanent Makeup

By definition, permanent makeup (aka cosmetic tattoo) is a cosmetic procedure which employs the discipline of tattooing as a means of producing designs that mimic traditional makeup. Common applications include eyebrow tattoos, eyelash enhancement, lip liner, beauty marks, and a variety of other permanent color enhancements to facial skin. Given its effectiveness (when done by a professional), the decision to undergo the procedure is one that should be well thought out. Today, we take a look at some darn good reasons why permanent makeup may be right for you.

3 Logical Motivations for Getting a Cosmetic Tattoo

1. A Medical Condition Calls for It

Permanent makeup is highly sought after by individuals who have or have had an underlying medical condition that rendered them unable to grow adequate facial hair on their brow (eyebrows), at the edge of their eyelids (eyelashes), or even around the hairline. For example, those who have received chemotherapy may not have been able to grow back the hair that they had before, and want a solution to restore their eyebrows and eyelashes so that they can feel like themselves once again. In fact, there are a large number of infections, skin conditions, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, physical traumas, or emotional stresses that can result in diminishing brows and a loss of eyelashes.

In addition, the skin disorder vitiligo which is responsible for the prevalence of white patches on the skin and on facial hair has served as call for the procedure. Cosmetic tattooing has proven to be an effective means for adding pigment back to these areas, should someone desire. Thankfully, the public is finally understanding that this condition is not something anyone should be ashamed of, given the likes of fashion models Winnie Harlow, Amy Deanna, and Curtis McDaniel who among others serve as powerful spokespersons on the condition. That being said, the decision to add pigment to impacted areas is a personal one, and one that is made possible through cosmetic tattooing.

There are other medical reasons that don’t result in a loss or lack of hair and pigment that can call upon cosmetic tattooing to provide relief for aesthetic concerns. For instance, women who have suffered from a stroke, or are afflicted with severe arthritis or ailments such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions that cause shaking and prevent the application of cosmetics can look to permanent makeup as a solution. The same goes for those with vision impairment who don’t want to depend upon others to do their makeup for them.

You see, this specialized procedure is not about vanity, but about empowerment.

2. Save Time

There’s no arguing the importance of cosmetic tattooing for those afflicted with a variety of medical conditions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its application for the sake of convenience.

As a someone who has progressed passed their adolescent years (you must be 18 years of age or older with government issued photo ID for cosmetic tattooing) and settled into their persona enough to know that they plan on wearing makeup for the rest of their life barring an unforeseen Alicia Keys incident, then it may make sense to use cosmetic tattooing as a big time saver. 

An recent study found that women devote a total of two years from their life applying makeup. Wouldn’t you rather dedicate that time to a more worthwhile endeavor, such as spending time with loved ones or actually making it to a movie on time?

3. Save Money

We’re not trying to put Sephora out of business here, but it’s a fact that permanent makeup is an investment that will have you saving a small (or large, for some) fortune thanks to fewer trips to the cosmetic counter.

Another study reports that the “average” woman spends about $3,756 (USD) on beauty products per year and nearly a quarter of a million USD (which is about…$1 billion CAD?) in her lifetime. Of that, more than one-fourth ($51,120 USD) of all appearance-related spending is on the face. So if you want to take cosmetic tattooing at face value, it’s a darn smart investment that can leave you with plenty of room to invest those savings into RRSPs, mutual funds, or an annual trip to Bali.

If you’re concerned about taking the next step, considering that in the off chance you may one day change your mind about having that permanent birthmark placed on your cheek (etc.), you’ll find peace of mind in knowing that with professional laser tattoo removal you can return to your former self. If you have any other questions about getting a cosmetic tattoo, learn more here, or simply contact us directly.