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We just responded to the public’s query about whether or not to get a tattoo during the Holiday season. But let’s not forget that in addition to being one of Canada’s top tattoo shops, Adrenaline is a piercing parlor too. And yes, people have also concerns about getting pierced in the thick of the Holidays. Should you go ahead and book your appointment, or is there something you haven’t considered that may call for a delay until the Holiday hoopla has faded away? Let’s find out.

4 Things to Consider When Getting a Piercing During the Holiday Season

1. Going on Christmas Vacation?

99.99% of the time, taking a vacation will have no impact on the ability of your piercing to heal. That said, what sort of Christmas vacation are you taking? If visiting a tropical destination is more your cup of tea, compared to being holed up in a ski resort, there are precautions to take. You need to avoid anything that can invite harmful bacteria into your newly pierced ears, nose, lip, bellybutton, or other part of the body. That means keeping clear of the ocean where there is reef (versus sand bottom) which is teeming with bacteria. You must also avoid bodies of water where there is river or worse – sewage – runoff, which is not uncommon for islands and coastal destinations such as Mexico (Pacific or Caribbean side).

2. Can You Present It as a Gift Idea?

Piercings are cheaper than tattoos, but when you’re spending every penny buying gifts for loved ones and office parties, a piercing can pinch. The good news, is that your Holiday gift giving is reciprocal by nature. When asked what you want, scribble a gift card for a piercing on your list to St.Nick.

3. Christmas Spirits?

Will the Ghost of Christmas Hangovers be visiting you more often during the festive season? If so, know that alcohol consumption can be problematic for the healing of your piercing. It causes dehydration and can thin the blood. Wait 72 hours after your piercing before hitting the mulled wine.

4. Hanging Ornaments from Your Ears (etc.)

If you get a new piercing early in the Holiday season you may be tempted to swap out the studs for a fun pair of Holiday themed ornamental ones. Furthermore, you may receive sparkling body jewelry under the tree on Christmas morning that you can’t wait to try. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait at least six weeks before changing out the starters for another – and even then it should be platinum, titanium, cobalt, or other preferred metal for sensitive skin.


If the above considerations clear the way for your Holiday season piercing, and you’re in the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area, book your appointment today.