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Should You Get a Tattoo on Holiday Christmas

The Holiday season is upon us once again. Amidst all of your plans with friends, family, and loved ones is a little treat for yourself – a tattoo. But with all of the hustle and bustle that accompanies this time of the year, does it make sense to squeeze it in, or wait until the bell tolls on NYE? Below is all that you need to consider.

5 Things to Consider Before Scheduling a Tattoo Appointment During the Holiday Season

1. Winter’s Impact on Tattoo Healing

For the most part the winter is no where near hard as the summer (with it’s UV rays) can be on a fresh tattoo. That said, there are some small caveats, namely in the layering of your clothing and participation in high-impact winter sports such as snowboarding. But again – these are small things. For clarity, please reference our guide to getting a tattoo in the winter and what it means for aftercare.

2. Are You Going on Christmas Vacation?

Do you plan to visit your cousin Clark in suburban Chicago this Christmas? If the flight is just after your recently completed tattoo, you may want to reschedule, depending upon the size and complexity of your body ink. Sitting on a plane for hours with freshly applied ink can be uncomfortable and problematic for healing. That said, for small and less consequential tattoos traveling is no big deal. View our guide to traveling after getting a tattoo before booking your appointment.

3. Can You Present It as a Gift Idea?

It can be hard to save money for a tattoo, especially when you’ve got gift giving to do during the Holidays. This may dissuade you from getting one done until after your bank account has recovered from your generosity. However, remember that others plan to buy you gifts too. You can use this to your advantage. When the folks, spouse, or companion ask you want you want, tell them a gift card for a tattoo.

4. Holiday “Spirits”?

Will the Ghost of Christmas Hangovers be visiting you more often during the festive season? If so, know that alcohol consumption (mulled wine and other spirits) can be problematic for healing because alcohol has a dehydrating effect. In addition, for an estimated 48-hours a tattoo can be affected by alcohol driven blood thinning which causes the tattoo to excrete excess fluids and limit your skin’s ability to scab. This delays the healing process and at the same time increases the risk of infection. If you can handle postponing spirits and libations for about 72 hours, proceed with your tattoo.

5. Do You Freaking Love the Holidays?

Do you? Then the Holiday season is the perfect time to get a tattoo! Tie your obsession for all things festive into your design. We have a list of traditional Christmas tattoo ideas, along with not-so-traditional Christmas tattoo concepts, depending on where you land in the Santa to Bad Santa spectrum.


If the above considerations clear the way for your Holiday season tattoo, and you’re in the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area, book your appointment today.