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Should I Get a Tattoo On My Neck

Glad you’re asking, because it’s a bold move that’s not for everyone. That said, a well done neck tattoo looks pretty damn good and is more common than you may think. Never mind Post Malone, more straight-laced celebs from Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens to Moby have ink above the collar. Of course, they have a little less to worry about when it comes to being shunned at “the office” for getting stamped on your vampire-biter. Before you make your final decision, here’s what you need to consider.

5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Neck Tattoo

1. Are You Set in Your Career Path?

The reason many celebrities, be they actors, musicians, or professional athletes are getting neck tattoos is because they are pretty much set in their career path. However, you don’t need boast a career that pays millions to feel comfortable doing the same. If yours is one that does not frown upon highly visible tattoos and you have no intention of veering off of your chosen profession you face far less career “risk” than those who are undecided. Let’s be honest here, a neck tattoo will limit the types of jobs you can throw your hat in the ring for, so take stock of your professional aspirations. This also applies to entrepreneurs (consultants, etc.) as prospective clients may make assumptions about you and opt for a competitor whose only idea of neck decor is a windsor knot.

2. Design/Theme Matters

A neck tattoo will draw less cutting eyes and criticisms when the design is appealing, not just aesthetically but thematically. Be very conscious about your choice of theme/concept and how it may be viewed by others, not only today, but well into the future.

For example, if you’re going through a negative phase that may change, hold off on a neck tattoo designed around it. Feelings of frustration, anger, resentment may have you wanting a tattoo to express those feelings, but getting an FTW or some other acronym, quote, or symbol of negative expression may come with future regret. Of course, trendy designs/concepts can come with just as much regret, as anyone who got YOLO tattooed on there neck (or anywhere for that matter) three years ago can attest to.

On the flip side, truly meaningful and heartfelt tattoo themes/concepts are far more acceptable to even the most discriminating boss, pastor, or parent. Need examples? Memorial designs, artistic expressions (music notes, etc.), cultural/spiritual symbols, florals, and celestial concepts are rarely taken to be too bold. In the end, a beautifully designed and meaningful tattoo works well anywhere on the body.

3. You Can’t Be Wishy-Washy About It

If after a lot of deliberation (reading this article included) you remain on the fence about getting it done, don’t. Wait until you’re ready. Essentially, a neck tattoo should not be your first tattoo. Get accustomed to having visible tattoos first and see how you feel about it. If at all self-conscious, get comfortable in your inked skin before even considering one of the most visible of all tattoos.

It’s also important to note that if you appear at wishy-washy at all during your consultation, there’s a good chance that a responsible tattooist will turn away your request for a neck tattoo. We’re pretty good at picking up on those cues.

4. Can You Hide it if You Absolutely Need To?

Even if your career/business path is accommodating to a neck tattoo there may be a strong likelihood in your life that makes hiding the work practical. There may be an overseas shareholders meeting once a year, or an annual visit to a set-in-their-ways relative that holds the key to your inheritance. Sure, those may be extraneous examples, but you get the idea. If you are set on getting a neck tattoo but know that you will need to hide it every now and then, consider placement and size with care. If it can be covered by a high-collar, turtleneck, beard, or by letting your hair down then you have options for those circumstances.

5. There’s Recourse If You Change Your Mind in the Future

Tattoo regret looks a lot different than it did years ago. Nowadays you have recourse, at least when you are located near an Adrenaline Studios. We offer the most effective form of laser tattoo removal around. Yes, you can get a high-quality expertly designed neck tattoo at our studio, but if for whether reason you decide years later that it no longer suits you, you can have it successfully removed. We use industry-leading PicoSure technology with service that far exceeds that of a traditional cosmetic laser clinic.

Ready to talk about your neck tattoo? Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you for a consultation.