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Should I Get a Tattoo

So you’re pondering whether or not to get a tattoo. You’ve asked your friends and family and now you’ve gone online to ask the web for its opinion, leading you here. Now we know what you’re thinking – how can a tattoo shop not give a bias answer to this question? Look, we’re all about transparency when it comes to ink (you know what we mean) which is why we’re here to help you decide if now is indeed the time to get your first tattoo. We realize that in doing so we may sway you in the other direction, but we’d prefer you make the right choice for you. While we offer tattoo removal services, we envision a world where such a thing isn’t necessary, and that starts with following everything you read below.

5 Things You Need to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not You Should Get Your First Tattoo

1. Will the Motivation Stick? 

Your motivation for getting a tattoo should not be a short-lived one. It should not be based on your obsession with a trend/fad that won’t live as long as the ink on your body. Motivations that may be fleeting include new romantic relationships (i.e. boyfriend/girlfriend name), sports team allegiances (are you still rooting for the Cleveland Cavs?), celebrity worship (Kevin Spacey tattoo anyone?), and doing so for the simple fact that your current circle of friends is doing it.

Motivations that tend to result in longterm post-tattoo satisfaction include memorial tattoos (the number one motivator), important milestones in one’s life, and those with familial, cultural, or philosophical significance. That being said, other reasons such as aesthetics can be just as powerful and without regret.

While a tattoo is often an expression of your identity, make sure that the things you think define you today will do so tomorrow.

2. You Can Afford It

If you’re certain you want a tattoo and your motivations are pure, make sure you have enough money to get the tattoo you want. Otherwise you may end up with a diluted version from a non-professional that you will regret. This may mean waiting an extra few months to save the money you need for quality work, but it will be worth the wait.

3. You’re Prepared to Take Care of It

This may be the same question people ask themselves before getting a pet, but it also applies to today’s topic.

A tattoo is not something you simply get. It’s a work of art on your body that must be protected and maintained, not just during the two to four week aftercare period, but throughout your life. It requires sun protection, moisturizing, rough impact defense, and potential touchups in the latter decades. Tattoos don’t require a lot of care, but they certainly must be considered in your hygiene regime if you want to keep it looking great for years to come.

4. There is a Professional Tattoo Studio Near You Accepting New Clients

Access to a professional tattoo studio that is willing to accept and is accommodating to new clients (i.e. walk-ins) is essential. Do your homework and find out if there is one near you that explicitly abides by the key qualifiers of a professional parlor. These include offering a full-suite of related services, a commitment to health and safety, professionalism without attitude, a database of numerous satisfied client reviews, information and resource transparency, and a diverse artist portfolio (more on the latter below). View our complete 7-step guide on how to choose a tattoo shop and you’ll be one step closer to coming to your conclusion.

5. There Are Artists That Can Deliver the Style You Want

Carrying over from item #4 above, your decision to get a tattoo will also rest upon whether or not you can find a studio with an artist that boasts a portfolio of work that mirrors the type of designs you want to see inked on your body. Otherwise, you may end up accepting a design/style that you’re not fully stoked about. In addition, you may find that you don’t quite gel with the tattooist – something that can result in a poor experience and negative thoughts about your tattoo after the fact.

Any tattoo shop you consider for your first tattoo should have a diverse cast of artists. Within that varied cast will be someone that can not only deliver the work you envisioned, but potentially exceed your expectations in the process. To be fair, finding such a tattooist can be tough in a small town, so you may have to travel to check the box for this decision making criteria. Either way, view our 5-step guide on how to choose a tattoo artist. When you find what (and who) you’re looking for, your decision to get that first tattoo will get a whole lot easier.

Adrenaline Studios is more than happy to answer any questions you have about getting a tattoo, and we won’t think any less of anyone who after a consultation decides that they’re not yet ready. It all starts by visiting our Vancouver or Toronto area parlors, or by calling one of our shops today. We look forward to hearing from you.