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Should I Remove My Tattoos

There was a time when the question above was not a reasonable one to ask. Watch the last 5-minutes of Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Episode 5 for clarity on that statement. But thankfully we live in an era where tattoo removal is now a viable option for those of stuck with ink they no longer want. But still, it’s not an easy decision to make. While our satisfied clients don’t have to consider today’s quandary, we’re here to help those of you who are on the fence about making this important decision.

5 Reasons Why Tattoo Removal May Be the Right Choice for You

1. Bad Memories

Many people get tattooed as therapeutic means to recognizing life changing events in their life, where they escaped bad situations to rise like a phoenix and become better people because of it. We’re not referencing those scenarios. Instead, we’re talking about tattoos that you look at today that drum up bad memories, negative thoughts that have you ignoring the inked spot on your body when passing by the mirror. These can include ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend names, long gone gang affiliations, and more. There’s no cookie cutter answer here as only you know what makes you feel less than you.

Simply put, your tattoo should make you feel good, inspired, motivated, and/or drive some emotion that gets you going whenever you look at it. If it has the opposite effect, removal may indeed be a good idea.

2. Icons Gone Bad

This one is a real bummer, but is also an easy one to identify. At some time you were a big fan of some athlete, actor, or other character that turned out to be a real piece of (***enter poo emoji***) or simply ruined their legacy by doing something stupid. Prior to the event, you had their likeness inked on your body for all to see, and now you’re embarrassed by this fact. The examples are unfortunately boundless (i.e. Bill Cosby) and unless you’re going for shock value with your tattoo, it may be a good idea to get rid of it.

3. You Don’t Feel That Way Anymore

Tattoos can serve as an amazing way to wear your heart on your sleeve (literally) and express your philosophies. However, as you grow, so does the way you think and see life. The teen angst and pessimism you once carried into adulthood may have been replaced by a new outlook. Alternatively, religious beliefs and theology may have taken a turn after returning from some life changing journey to the other side of the world. Bottom line, is a symbol, quotation, or other visual representation of a belief system you once held may no longer apply and when the old is contrary to the new you may have a strong call to remove the past.

4. The Tattoo is Just…Bad

None of the above may have changed, but the ink you received was just poorly done, leaving you with a bad tattoo, plain and simple. Whether you didn’t properly vet a tattoo shop or tattooist, or neglected to afford the tattoo proper aftercare and rendered it a scarred mess, the reasons don’t matter. Why live with it if you don’t have to?

5. You Want to Clear the Canvas for Better Ink

Some studios fear the tattoo removal trend because they think it threatens our artistic industry, but they’re making a wrong assumption. Like cover-ups, tattoo removal provides the population with the opportunity to start fresh. In fact, a huge number of people who have tattoos removed are not looking to live an ink-less existence. Instead, they’re looking to redefine themselves. Removing tattoos that they no longer feel speaks to who they are makes room for ones that do.

In addition, a client may have not had access to a tattooist that could provide a design or style that they’ve always wanted, but for whatever reason (a geographic move, etc.) they now have the opportunity and are thus seeking a clean slate to begin anew, with the work they’ve always wanted represented on their skin.

The due diligence you would afford yourself when seeking a shop to get inked should be applied to finding one that delivers the best possible option for tattoo removal. Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver (Kitsilano) and Toronto offers this service, using the industry’s top picosecond pressure wave system to deliver faster, safer and easier results in a decreased the number of sessions with minimal discomfort and improved healing times. Learn more about our laser tattoo removal services and feel free to contact us with any questions you have whatsoever.