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There is no such thing as being too old to get a tattoo. So if you’ve been considering one for decades, you can still step into a parlor with confidence. But what should you get? Typically, a first tattoo represents something that defines who you are, and as a proud nana you desire a design that honors your position as the matriarch of the family. Having tattooed our fair share of grandmothers at our Vancouver and Toronto studios, we’re happy to share some concepts that may inspire your own design. Let’s review!

3 Tattoo Concepts for Proud Grandmothers That You’ll Never Regret

Your Grandchild’s Name

You’re online and searching “tattoo ideas for grandmothers” which infers “grandmother” is a title that’s important to you. And that fact is steeped in your unconditional love for your grandchild or grandchildren. What better tattoo than a design that represents them?

The most logical option is to get their name/s tattooed in your favorite font. All that’s left is to decide upon placement. We can help with that as well. Reference our guide for where to get a tattoo with words, grandkids’ names included. An equally easy (less intensive in application) alternative to a name tattoo is that of their baby footprint.

Your Heritage’s Name for Grandmother

You can always get the word “Grandmother” tattooed. However, we have found this to be a more popular option for grandmothers who go by cultural variations in the language of their national heritage. If your grandkids call you by the same name that your son/daughter called theirs, and what you yourself called your own grandmother (and so on) then you’ve got a great tattoo idea. Choose a script that best represents your heritage and get the name tattooed. Examples include (but are far from exclusive to) the following:

  • Abuela (Spanish)
  • Baba (Ukrainian)
  • Nani (Hindi)
  • Nonna (Italian)
  • Oma (German)
  • Tutu (Hawaiian)
  • Other (whatever your grandkids call you)

Your Heritage’s Symbol for Grandmother

Tattoo Ideas for Grandmothers

Source: Pinterest

This is our favorite option, although not every heritage has a standard symbol for grandmother. One of the most commonly known ones is the Celtic Grandmother knot which is composed of the Goddess Knot that stands behind and embraces/encompasses a Mother and Child. You can view examples of the Celtic Grandmother knot image here, to use as inspiration for your own tattoo, should it apply. This symbol has also been respectfully adopted by people from all nationalities. Other popular “grandmother” symbols include the trinity knot (also Celtic) and those in Japanese kanji. Are you unsure about the existence of a symbol for grandmother in your heritage? This gives you a fun opportunity to dig deeper into your culture to find out if there is one. Get your entire family involved in the research to make it all the more meaningful.

We know if may feel a little intimidating to walk into a tattoo shop for the very first time. You don’t have to feel this way when you book your appointment at Adrenaline Studios. We have fostered a friendly and welcoming environment where staff, tattooists, and clients alike are like family. We can always use another grandmother! Book your consultation today at an Adrenaline Studios near you, or give us a ring (or send email) to ask us anything.