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Where to Get a Tattoo with Words

Words strewn together to form meaningful expressions and quotes have long been popular tattoo concepts. But is one part of the body best suited to script than another? While the right artist can work a textual design onto pretty much any part of your physique, some zones are more conducive to sustainable success than others. Let’s review.

5 Great Places on the Body to Get Quotes, Expressions, and Words Tattooed

The Foot

The foot is not necessarily the best place to get words tattooed, as the canvas is small and it is exposed to the elements unlike most other parts of the body. But it is absolutely one of the most popular and the lateral side of the foot indeed provides a nice flowing line that begs for thoughtful text. But before you get inked on your peddle-pushers be sure to read our guide on the four things you need to consider before getting a foot tattoo.

The Thigh

The meaty part of the outer thigh provides an expansive canvas for top-down script. This makes it perfect for longer quotes, versus from a song, poems, and any other forms of text that you want to read like it’s on the page of a book. It will incite admirable looks from the public when wearing a bikini or short-shorts for those who enjoy a little extra attention from time to time. The thigh is also one of the least painful parts of the body to get a tattoo.

Side of the Ribs

If you’ve got the pain threshold to make it through the session (the ribs are one of the most painful parts of the body for a tattoo) the ribs look very cool when inked with a calligraphic font and insightful words. A tattoo here is also long lasting given that it is less elastic and less likely to become distorted with weight gain or skin sagging over time.

Upper Back

The width between your posterior deltoids (rear shoulders) is tailor-made for a textual tattoo. It’s where you commonly see names or two-to-three word phrases. It’s accommodating to those with a high pain threshold, and can be hidden when desired or put on display when going shirtless and/or tank-topping it in the spring and summer.

Note: The upper chest is also a great alternative to the upper back.


At press we’re entering the most important new year of the millennium, so the timing of this suggestion (the forearm) is perfect as it ties into this article on how a tattoo can help you reach your new year goals. How? Because when you tattoo a meaningful and/or inspirational word or phrase on your forearm you immediately gain an in-your-face reminder of an important life intention. View more on what you should consider when getting a tattoo on your forearm.

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