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Tattoos for Dads with Daughters

Back at the start of May we released our tattoo ideas for moms article in anticipation of Mother’s Day. Now, with Father’s Day around the corner, we’re giving the fellas something to think about. But this time we’re focusing on those of you blessed with daughters.

It’s a different scenario than with sons. With boys, we (dads) feel as if we have to take on a tougher role, teach them how to be a man (whatever that means these days) and all of those cliches. But with daughters – we’re ‘effin mush. They own us, pure and simple. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some heartfelt and fun ideas to consider before heading to the tattoo studio near you.

5 Tattoo Ideas for Dads With Daughters

1. Her Name

Cheesy? Good. Because when it comes to Daddy’s little girl it’s all about being cheesy. Her name makes you smile and gets those damn butterflies fluttering in your belly no matter the kind of day your having out there on the 9-5 (or longer) grind. Get her letters across your heart, on your arm, or wherever it feels most significant to you, and choose a font that vibes with her unique personality – you’ll know it when you see it. You simply can’t go wrong with this one

2. A Symbol of Something You Two Do Together

Pretty much every dad and daughter has a fun activity that they do together as the years progress, something that’s just for the two of you. You may shoot hoops in the carport, skateboard at the local park, go for bikes rides along the seawall, or simply go get ice cream every sunny Sunday morning. Whatever it is there is a symbol (i.e. basketball, skateboard, bike, ice cream cone, etc.) that represents the special activity. Incorporate two of these things/symbols (one for each of you) in the design so that it conveys the bond. You’ll look at this tattoo for decades to come with fond memories, especially after they’ve grown up, moved out, married, and started their own family. Uh oh…here come the waterworks.

3. One of Her Sketches

From the moment she could hold a Crayon in her precious paw she’s been doling out pictures for daddy to put up on the refrigerator. You may have framed one or two of them and placed them at your place of work. Somewhere in that never-ending (until they become pre-teens, that is) collection of masterpieces (and they are!) is a favorite. Any by favorite, we mean one that makes you smile each and every time you look at it. It might be a wacky stick figure (man/woman/dog) or completely indecipherable abstract to the naked eye – what others think has zip to do with it. If it cracks you up and/or conjures an unforgettable moment in time, it’s prime for a tattoo. Simply take it to your local artist and have them transfer the EXACT work to ink and get it tattooed. She will be SO STOKED to see that you’ve taken artwork that she made for you, and made it permanent on your body. You will score some serious “Best Dad in the World” points with this move.

4. Shotgun

You can already see where we’re going with this. It’s the joke (right?) we all make when it comes to meeting their boyfriend for the first time, as we greet them at the front door with a 12-guage shotgun in hand, locked and loaded. The shotgun has become the symbol of fatherhood when it comes to dads with daughters and when it comes to a tattoo this emblem works like a charm. Plus, by getting it done on a visible place on your body (forearm is logical) you send a message when meeting the courter as he picks her up for their date, without the legal ramifications of actually showing up with a military standard Mossberg 590A1 or classic Remington 870. For good measure, you may as well throw a shovel into that tattoo design – in case the message isn’t clear enough for the dirtbag.

Sorry, got carried away there.

5. Whatever She Wants

Ask her what she thinks. She knows you better than anyone, along with all the quirks, and will come up with something you may never have considered yet makes perfect sense. Of course, it’s a good idea to wait until she’s old enough to make a more informed decision about a tattoo design that she thinks will best suit you and your relationship. Otherwise you’ll end up with a unicorn or Shimmer and Shine characters on your bicep. But hey, we don’t judge.

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