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Tattoos for Moms

Mother’s Day weekend is upon us (at press) and to mark the special occasion you’re thinking about getting inked. It’s a great time to do so as you can hit the kids up for a tattoo gift certificate as a present – after all, how many homemade cards and overcooked breakfasts in bed can one handle? But alas you want this gift to yourself to last without any regrets, which is why we’re weighing in with our list of can’t miss ideas.

5 Tattoo Ideas for Moms That You Won’t Regret

1. Your Kids’ Names

This is the most popular idea. Pick your favorite kid (OK fine, you’d better include them all) and have their names tattooed on in a significant area on your body. Over the heart is a common choice, as is the upper back or upper arm/shoulder. Just don’t go with a lower back (err…stamp) tattoo for this one – that would be weird.

While you won’t regret getting their names, be sure to choose a font that you love, but one that will stand the test of time. Fine cursive fonts look great, but will require extra special longterm care so that the lines don’t become blurred with exposure to the sun. If you insist on it, then get used to applying plenty of sunscreen when taking those family vacations to Palm Springs.

2. Characters or Caricatures of Your Kids

Getting your kids’ names tattooed may come off a little cliche or too simple for you. But still, you want to get a design that represents your beloved rug rats. There may be great characters out there that capture their personas to the tee. Is one more like Calvin and the other Hobbes? Spongebob and Patrick? Bart and Lisa? You get the idea.

However, if there are no characters to capture their idiosyncratic natures, then have a caricature artist draw up caricatures of each (as applicable) in a scenario that perfectly suits them (playing soccer, refusing to take out the garbage, whatever…). This is a concept that few have thought of but will work on so many levels – and your kids will love it. Or at least when they’re older and can appreciate it. Until then, don’t pick them up at school when it’s visible.

3. Symbols of Family Heritage

A mom is typically the glue that holds the brood together, and with each passing generation you are instrumental in keeping the lineage on your side of family intact. A tattoo that signifies this heritage is a great idea. I may be a family crest, or a symbol or pattern that reflects your culture. You will know the best way to represent this. Without a doubt this is a concept that you’ll wear with pride and it even makes for a great family tattoo idea should you decide to get something done as a group.

4. Floral Arrangement

You get a bouquet of flowers every Mother’s Day (we hope), so why not get one that’s more permanent? Get a floral species (or combination of) that holds a special place in your heart. You may simply love the look and smell of a certain type, or perhaps you connect it to a place that incites great memories (i.e. as a hibiscus is to Hawaii, etc.). If you don’t have a favorite, but like this idea, reference this guide to floral symbolism and match your inked bouquet to meanings you can relate to.

5. Whatever The H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks You Want!

Forgive us for the potty mouth, but we’re feeling passionate about this one. We know that you may feel as if you’re supposed to express yourself in a certain way given that you’re a mom and all, but you have earned the right to do so in any way that you deem fit. Your tattoo doesn’t have to be about your family, household, and stereotypical trappings of motherhood – it can and should be something completely unique to you and what you’re passionate about. Sure, that may be knitting and baking, but it can also be about swigging Jack Daniels and riding a Harley. OK, we’re being extreme on both sides of the spectrum, but honestly we encourage you to take an accounting of what appeals to you as a strong and independent woman. It may be related to travel, fitness, novella, cinema, or anything else that defines the real you. Within there is a design that you will look fondly upon throughout life, and that’s what a successful tattoo is really all about.

Before moving forward, we recommend that you read our guide to tattoo placement which accounts for pain threshold and other important considerations. But the best advice we can give, is for you to schedule a consultation with a studio near you that boasts staff that is friendly, patient, and open to hearing and answering any and all questions that you may have. Adrenaline Studios puts moms on a pedestal and we’re here to not only deliver a tattoo you’ll be proud to call your own, we’ll make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible. Contact us today.