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Last we offered insight into what couples need to consider before getting a tattoo. This week we’re expanding on the concept with a look at when it makes sense for a number of people, tied together by some bond, to get tattooed with a common theme in mind and without regret.

5 Rational Reasons to Get a Group Tattoo

1. Family Matters

La Familia is the most common reason for getting a group tattoo. While there may be family squabbles down the road, blood remains thicker than water and this one comes with no regret. Common family tattoo ideas may typically include:

  • Family crest
  • Family name
  • Portrait of a family matriarch or patriarch from a past generation
  • Meaningful quote
  • Other (whatever is meaningful to your clan)

2. BFFs?

Are you and your best friends forever thinking about getting a tattoo? If you decide to, look at it the same way as you may do as a couples tattoo, because sometimes forever doesn’t see itself to fruition. Avoid names, and stick to symbols of your relationship, be it Yin & Yang, turtle doves, salt and pepper shakers, or even peanut butter and jelly. You get the idea. Think of designs that may work on their own should you and your BFFs become less than best as life rolls on.

3. Work Related?

There are many professions where there is a brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood felt by those under the same crew. You find this within police precincts (Nine Nine!), military units, fire stations, lifeguard teams, and even labor unions. Symbols (badge, crest, etc.) of this siblinghood make for extremely meaningful tattoos, and even if you part ways (promotion, relocation, etc.) it will still hold a place close to your heart with no regrets.

Other “professional” groups where it is common to see a shared tattoo tend to be creative in nature, including bands and acting troupes. However, now that public perception regarding tattoos has changed for the better and tattoos can be seen as branding tool, don’t be surprised to see a rise of corporate logo tattoos popping out from the cubicles of tech offices and the like.

4. Athletics

Team sports are another one of the most common inspirations for getting a group tattoo. The more involved you are in the sport the more it makes sense, so we’re not really talking about beer league softball here folks. You commonly see shared tattoos amongst participants in college/university level team athletics, national amateur games (Olympic and Pan American), and professional sports, however there is no limit to the connections made between team athletics. You know what, we take back our beer league softball comment – do your thing!

5. A Shared Journey

Whether starting off as group of friends or strangers, there are those who have come together to go on a major journey or adventure, depending upon one another to some extent to make it through. Need an example? Climbing one of the Seven Summits comes to mind. But of course your shared journey does not to be as extreme. Be it a hiking group, travel expedition troop, or spiritual retreat, the experience you share together may be meaningful enough to get it immortalized via a tattoo.

While many tattoo shops are willing to take large groups, very few have the space and tattooist resources to make that happen within a timeline that makes it feel as if you indeed got it done together. The good news, is that if you are living in the Greater Vancouver or Toronto area, you and your crew can schedule a consultation with Adrenaline Studios at your earliest convenience and get it done. Contact a studio near you to learn more.