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Christmas Tattoo Ideas - Traditional

The Holiday season is here, and amidst the cheer you’ve become inspired to get a new tattoo. You are a huge fan of the Holidays after all, so much in fact that you’re prepared to wear your affinity for it on your sleeve (or neck, back, etc.). Need some help coming up with the perfect design that honors the spirit of the season? We’ve got you covered.

Five Classic Christmas Themed Concepts to Consider for Your Yuletide Season Tattoo

‘O Christmas Tree

It’s an excellent concept that works for small to large tattoos alike. You can pepper the tree with lights and ornaments (if you prefer color) or make it stand alone in predominant black and grey, but crowned with a shimmering golden star. View what others have done with this concept here.

St.Nick (in your culture)

Next to you-know-who, there’s one figure best associated with Christmas. You can go with the traditional “mall Santa” vibe, using vibrant reds and whites in a new school or cartoon style to make it pop. Or, consider hunting down a visual that best matches how the jolly old soul is represented in your family’s culture. Whether your grandparent’s referred to him as Father Christmas, Christkindl, Père Noël, Babbo Natale, Saint Nicholas, or Kanakaloka (Hawaii) there’s a culturally enriching way to honor the man, myth, and legend that also honors your family tree.

The 3 Ghosts of Christmas

Charles Dickens’ specter trifecta may appear ominous but they unpack good intentions. A tattoo that represents them can create positive affirmations for your own life. The tattoo will serve as a reminder to learn from the lessons of your past, and to live in and appreciate the present, while remaining ever mindful that the decisions you make today will impact your future. Borrow the design from the original print’s drawings, or ask your tattooist to come up with a cool symbolic take on the iconic trio.

Your Favorite Ornament

Whether you still have it from childhood, or you recently acquired it from your local Christmas market, there’s an ornament that holds a special place in your heart. This will make for a perfect tattoo. Bring it in to your tattooist and have them punch up a version that they can apply to your skin.

Christmas Cookies (or other goodies)

The Holiday season incites visions of sugar plums and all sorts of goodies. Whether it’s grandma’s ornately iced sugar cookies or candy canes merged together to form a heart, Holiday sweets as a tattoo will make onlookers smile through all days of the year. The vibrant colors of Christmas goodies are best delivered via New School style, although Anime/Cartoon will work wonders too. View what others have done here.

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