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The upper thigh presents an ideal canvas for a medium to large tattoo. Furthermore, it’s a less painful zone for getting inked when compared to most other parts of the body as there is a nice buffer between the epidermis and muscle, nerves, and bone. Considering this, it’s no surprise to find that hundreds of women in the area perform an online search for ideas regarding “upper thigh tattoos for women” each month (source: Google). As always, Adrenaline is here to answer the call. To do so, we’re tapping into the best resource we know of; our own talented tattooist portfolios. This time around we’re featuring work completed at our Granville Street tattoo shop in downtown Vancouver via the studio’s Instagram feed. Have a look below for inspiration for your upcoming work of body art.

Examples of Upper Thigh Tattoos that Women Have Had Done at Our Vancouver BC Studio

Something Serpentine

The serpentine movement of a snake or dragon works well with the upper thigh canvas. Incorporate a bed of flowers for added effect and femininity, like this beautiful piece:

A Bed of Roses (or other flowers)

Also featured in this article about flower tattoo placement ideas, this recent piece is big, bold, colorful, and absolutely wonderful. Choose your favorite flower species and let your tattooist put something special together for you.

Spread Your Wings

A bird themed tattoo is also optimal for the upper thigh. Consider a large feathered creature with its wings spread wide, or work the avian critter into a mural, like this:

Something Catty

If serpentine (above) isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you find a feline more appealing, especially if it suits your personality. Realism tigers or lions are popular options, but so are traditional styles like this iconic panther:

Cute and Contemporary

Go super-bold with something in a contemporary style with bright colors, such as this Japanese-animation themed piece. It’s a nice departure from the norm that had everyone in the studio talking!



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