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Where do Tattoos Fade the Most

You’re planning to get a tattoo, and want to make sure you do all that you can to maintain the integrity of your investment in body art and self-expression. Good on you! One of your concerns, is the fading that can occur over time. Are there certain parts of the body that are more susceptible to fading? And if so, should you avoid getting a tattoo on those spots? Below is a breakdown of what you need to know.

Parts of the Body That Are More Likely to Experience Tattoo-Fading and What Else You Need to Know

Most Susceptible Parts of the Body

While choosing a reputable tattoo studio (and artist) and adhering to aftercare instructions makes a big difference in fading prevention,certain parts of the body tend to fade more than others. There are reasons for this. For one, they experience more daily friction, constantly rubbing up against and touching surfaces. Others simply receive more exposure to the sun – the biggest threat to the ink on your epidermis. Considering this, logic dictates that the following parts of the body are more susceptible to fading:

– Hands (both inside of the palm and on the fingers)

– Feet (especially the outer side of the foot)

– Forearms (more exposed to the sun than other commonly tattooed parts of the body)

– Elbow

– Face

– Nape of the neck (for those without hair to cover it)

Quality Matters

Just because daily friction and sun exposure may be hard to avoid, it doesn’t mean that your tattoo will fade so dramatically over time that it’s not worth getting. As mentioned above, carefully vetting a tattoo studio will make a huge difference. Quality work lasts a lifetime. View more on how to choose a tattoo shop and for good measure check out our guide for how to pick a tattoo artist.

What You Can Do to Prevent Fading

Don’t let the list of where tattoos fade most dissuade you from getting a tattoo exactly where you wanted one. In addition to choosing a top quality studio, you can do a lot to prevent noticeable fading over the years. For one, follow aftercare instructions to the tee. But it doesn’t end there, as through the years to follow you must afford your tattoo proper skin care and supportive (to skin health) nutrition. Here is everything you need to know about what makes a tattoo fade, which includes instructions for how to prevent it from happening.

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