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Where to Get a Tattoo if You Are Overweight

Our goal with the blog is to eventually answer every single question about getting a tattoo. That means we don’t shy away from any topic, and are here to address things that you may not be comfortable bringing up to a tattooist beforehand. One inquiry that pops up on our periphery from time to time is in regards to how the integrity of a tattoo may or may not be impacted by being overweight. Of course, “overweight” can be a perception and not a medical definition in many instances. We’re not going to tackle what is and isn’t considered obese (for a complete lack of better words). That’s a whole other article in itself, and outside of the scope of what a tattoo studio can and should weigh in on. Instead, we will answer your question head-on, because that’s what you want. Let’s review.

3 Things to Consider When You’re Concerned About Your Body Size and Weight But Want to Get a Tattoo

1. Stretch Marks

If weight gain was relatively rapid then you may have stretch marks. Many people consider this to be a significant barrier to getting a tattoo on a place on the body where they actually want one. It can be in some instances, but there are variables to examine. For one, the severity and prominence of stretch marks will have an impact in either direction. If severe, then it is best to get a tattoo on another area. If mild, then a successful tattoo is absolutely viable. However, it really comes down to the artist/tattooist in question. An experienced professional will either be able to outright cover up your stretch marks, or work with them to create a design that makes the narrow, indented, and or discolored streaks indistinguishable from the body art itself. View more on using a tattoo to cover up stretch marks.

2. On a Zone You’re Most Uncomfortable Showing

One thing people leverage the aesthetic beauty of a tattoo for, is to garnish or prettify a part of the body that they are uncomfortable showing off (when uncovered by clothing) in public. This is true of people of any body type. We have body builders and fitness buffs get tattooed on zones that they aren’t happy with all of the time. If you are concerned about exposing a certain area but want to be able to on a warm sunny day (etc.) then getting it tattooed is a great way to get comfortable in your own skin. Ultimately you should be proud of who you are and let it all hang out (clothing optional beach anyone?). That day might not be today, but a tattoo can be a precursor to making it happen.

3. What Plans for Your Future Self May Be

You may have a made a decision to lose body fat by building healthy muscle mass. Generally, doing so after getting a tattoo won’t have a significant impact on the integrity of the work. However, if you are currently at a very unhealthy body weight (as defined by your physician) and the weight loss to come will be significant, there can be an impact on your tattoo. This is because the elasticity of your skin will change. If getting a tattoo on a “meatier” part of the body where gravity kicks in, such as the abdomen, lower back, and under the upper arms, then it may be best to get your tattoo after the fact. Stretch marks (as per item #1 above) also follow rapid weight loss as much as they do weight gain, so that is another thing to consider. When consulting with your tattooist, let them know about your plans regarding weight loss and they can advise you accordingly on where to get a tattoo.

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