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Where to Get a Tattoo Lasered Off - Vancouver or Toronto

Removal must be handled with great care…

Do you stare at one of your tattoos and feel nothing but contempt? You want that tattoo lasered off and without delay. But just like there are many tattoo shops in your area there seems to be many clinics all claiming to offer the best removal service around. The last thing you want is another mistake when it comes to your skin, so you need some insight before making that decision about where to go to get it done. Let’s review.

3 Ways to Identify the Best Place to Get Your Unwanted Tattoo Removed by Laser Technology

It’s a Tattoo Pro, Not a Cosmetic Clinic

Your Google search for “where to get a tattoo lasered off” likely results in a big list of cosmetic clinics in your city. That’s fine if you’re looking for unsightly hair, mole, or wrinkle removal (presumably) but when it comes to a tattoo you’re barking up the wrong tree. Sure, these clinics advertise the service as one of their specialties, but it’s like going to a doctor for dental work. There’s a loose understanding, but in the end a cosmetic clinic could never comprehend the nuances and fine distinctions of body ink in the same way that an expert who applies it in the first place does. View more on why you should choose a tattoo studio over a cosmetic clinic for laser removal.

They Use the RIGHT Laser Technology

Tip: Avoid Q-switched lasers (seek PicoSure instead)

This is where the most confusion occurs for those doing research about where to get laser tattoo removal. While you have wisely chosen to avoid cosmetic clinics, be wary of tattoo parlors that use certain laser technologies. Namely watch out for Q-switched lasers. You can call a given parlor or check their website”s FAQ to uncover whether or not they are using this antiquated tech. Instead of Q-switched laser, choose a studio that uses PicoSure laser. Why?

Q-switched lasers that are used by some parlors deliver photo-thermal pulses that heat the skin and surrounding tissues. PicoSure on the other hand, employs photomechanical technology to shatter the tattoo particles. As a result, PicoSure patients report less discomfort, shorter recovery time, and fewer treatments when compared to Q-switched lasers. Industry experts find it baffling when tattoo parlors continue to use outdated systems, so please do be mindful. Learn more about the benefits of PicoSure.

Read the Feedback

Clinics, studios, and parlors can say what they want, but in the end you do want feedback from people who are/were in the same shoes as you. Check the Facebook and Google Reviews for a given shop offering laser removal. Look for feedback regarding laser removal and check for consistency about the establishment and their specialists. For example:

Where to Get a Tattoo Lasered Off Vancouver - Toronto

Where to Get a Tattoo Lasered Off Vancouver - Toronto

Ready to get your tattoo lasered off? Whether you want it gone for good or faded for a cover up (with a better tattoo!) you’ll find peace of mind from the moment you schedule your first consultation with Adrenaline Studios. Pick a studio near you (Vancouver or Toronto) and give us a call.