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Where to Get Couples Tattoos You Won't Regret Vancouver Toronto

Many people consider couples tattoos to be more intimate than engagement/wedding rings, and they are certainly more enduring. After all, you can’t plunk your ink near the kitchen sink and lose it down the drain. However, given the relative permenancy of couples tattoos you’ll need to give it some careful thought, not just in regards to designs you won’t regret, but where (placement and location) to get it done.

4 Things to Consider Before Getting Couples Tattoos

1. The Name Game

Getting a lover’s name inked is the most infamous of all considerations. Superstitious individuals may state this dooms a relationship and “practical” people (those that believe in prenups before marriage) argue against it too.

True, in the past this may have been considered a bad idea should a break-up be on the unanticipated horizon, but thanks to vast improvements in laser tattoo removal recipients no longer have to live with a bad memory should they become solo once again.

Look, we know you and your beloved will be together forever and if you insist upon getting your names branded on one another then all the power to you. We’ll get it done. But in that rare chance that things don’t work out, you now have recourse via laser fading for coverup or outright removal.

2. Designs That Work Together and Apart

Do you have more artistic ambitions than having your respective names scribbled in Mardian Pro? At the same time, do still want something that works as a pair that won’t be too out of place when you’re out on your own? There are numerous options to consider, including but certainly not exclusive to:

  • Yin and Yang – Depending where you fall on the whole gender spectrum thing, Yin is typically female and Yang is male. But hey, you do you.
  • Shared heart tattoo – Kind of like those half-heart necklaces you gave/received to/from your true love when you were 14-16 years old.
  • Puzzle pieces – That fit together to form a picture.
  • Quote – A meaningful quote that can be divided into two, shared between the two of you.
  • Lock and key – Gender implications abound, but it’s your world.
  • Mickey and Minnie / Donald and Daisy / Pepe le Pew and Penelope – Or other iconic animated or animatronic (Chucky and Tiffany?) couples. You get the idea.

Honestly the possibilities are endless when your love is endless, so dig deep into your history of inside jokes, shared favorite songs/shows/books, and anything else that connects the two of you and you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for.

3. What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander?

What works for one of you may not work for the other. For instance, your pain thresholds will differ so while getting a foot tattoo may sound like a great idea to you it may scare the bejesus out of your thin-skinned partner. Make sure you’re sensitive to the sensitivities of your significant other. Or, you skin tones may vary significantly, with vibrant colors of a supposedly matching tattoo not showing up on the darker epidermis of your loved one.

Another body placement consideration for couples comes to potential body changes and how it may impact the constitution of a tattoo. Given that you’re a couple you may plan on having children in the future, at which point a matching pair of pelvic area tattoos may look more like a Picaso abstract once the pups have been pushed out.

Sit down together and go through our guide regarding where on the body to get a tattoo before you decide on your couples design. It needs to be a perfect match for you as a couple AND the individual to make sure that there are no regrets.

4. Choose a Quality Studio That Can Take the Two of You

You’re getting a couples tattoo so you should be getting it done together. You need to make sure you find a quality studio that can schedule you at the same time (two tattooists) or at least in succession. Many parlors don’t have the artist “bandwidth” to make that happen without you having to book weeks or months in advance. All in all, you need to find a studio that boasts a diverse tattooist portfolio, is committed to your health and safety, is professional yet friendly, and has a track record of doing couples tattoos. The good news, is that if you and your partner live in (or are visiting) Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON you have the options you need to make sure you get a couples tattoo neither one will regret.

Contact us today to schedule a date (err, consultation) at a studio near you.