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 Why Do Tattoos Make You Feel Good

OK, so the process of getting a tattoo is typically accompanied by some pain and discomfort. But most people who have them will report a more lasting emotion, one that is very uplifting and often has them coming back for more. Is there an underlying reason behind this? This is a question that people who are considering their first tattoo want to know. Let’s dig deeper.

4 Reasons Why Getting and Having a Tattoo Makes People Feel Great (and why you should get one too)

Euphoria During the Process?

Before we get into why having a tattoo results in lasting positive emotions, we want to address the act of getting the tattoo itself. It is not uncommon for new and returning clients to report feelings of euphoria while getting inked. Poppycock you say?

There’s actually science behind it. And no, it’s not because they are into sadomasochism (although…).

When you get a tattoo, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are naturally occurring chemicals that are produced by your body to relieve stress and pain. When released, they cause a euphoric feeling not dissimilar to a class of drugs called opioids. Of course the latter is extremely harmful (there is an opioid-painkiller crisis in Canada), but you don’t have to worry about mother nature’s path to chasing euphoria.

You’ve Shown That You Can Commit

We stated this in a old article about why people should get a tattoo to help with their New Year resolutions and we’ll say it again:

“It’s one thing to set a new year resolution but it’s another to actually make it happen and see it through. Sure, people may work out and eat better (common resolutions) for a few weeks, but given that studies show 80% of the population lets their ambitions fall to the wayside by February most individuals find themselves resetting the same goals in the new year ahead, year after year. The good thing about getting a tattoo to start your new calendar, is that once it’s done, it’s done. You can step back, admire it in the mirror, and feel pride in the fact that you actually did it. And that form of commitment may very well spill into the other resolutions you’ve made. Simply put, getting that long overdue tattoo is the perfect way to mark (literally) the arrival of a new you.” (December 20, 2018 – Adrenaline Studios)

It’s true. If you’ve been on the fence about getting a tattoo and you finally go through with it, you will immediately note a deep sense of pride. This pride is born not just from the new aesthetic (more on this below) but from putting an end to nagging procrastination and committing to something you’ve wanted for quite some time. And that – feels great!


There is a pure aesthetic reason for those post-tattoo good vibes. You know how great it feels to rock a fashionable (to you) new outfit at the club, office, or wherever else you strut your stuff? Multiple that feeling by a thousand when you get a tattoo. Even if it’s only visible to you and those you allow to see your most intimate of areas that tattoo ramps up your swagger exponentially. If it looks good, it feels good. The math is pretty simple on this one.

It Feels Good to Be YOU

Hiding who you are inside can having a very damaging impact on your psyche and overall emotional health. While there is still some work to do, there has been a fundamental shift in society that finally makes it acceptable for people to fulfill who they identify as. Make no bones about it – a tattoo is absolutely a channel for expressing your inner YOU. It allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve both literally and figuratively. As a result, your heart will pump out good feelings to combat the stresses life tries to throw in your path. Life is simply to short to live any other way so go ahead and get that tattoo. You deserve to feel GREAT!

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