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Winter Tattoo Ideas - Winter Themed Tattoos

In search of inspiration?

We have already provided a list of tattoo ideas for those with a deep affection for the summer season. It’s only fair that we do the same for what is probably the second most favorite time of the year, or even first for many – we do live in Canada after all. Wintertime indeed denotes a way of life for many people around our northern nook of North America and there is nary a better way to show your affinity than with permanent ink. Stuck for ideas? Keep reading.

5 Winter Themed Tattoo Concepts for Fans of the Season


Google Image search “snowflake quotes” and you’ll uncover and endless scroll of expressions so cheesy that you’ll probably chuck up this morning’s chow. But alas, it’s all true. No snowflake is alike, and that’s what makes the human comparison so apropos even if it’s cliche. Mother Nature has worked her creative magic on ice-crystalized precipitation which makes it perfect as a tattoo concept. It works in any size and on any part of the body. Most tattooists (who are first and foremost, artists) will be stoked to draw up this distinctive design and transition it to your personal canvas.

Snowman / Snow-woman

This is honestly a pretty cool concept and one that can be customized to suit your unique personality. Sure, you could go with a traditional Frosty design, but why not “build” a snowperson that boasts some of the characteristics and features that speak to who you are? The character’s facial features and accessories (scarf, hat, etc.) can be tweaked to match what you’re known for. This design will be a huge conversation starter, especially when placed on a highly visible spot on your body such as on your shoulder or arm.

Skis or Snowboard

If you live in Canada there’s a darn good chance that you ski or snowboard, and for many going downhill (on the slopes) has become an outright obsession. If skiing and/or snowboarding is a way of life for about 6-months out of the year then you certainly qualify for this tattoo, even if you’re still considered a novice (who cares!?). A pair of skis or a snowboard work great as a tattoo concept, especially when placed above your heart to show your affection for this wintertime activity.

Snowcapped Mountain Range

Winter Tattoo Ideas Mountain

Tattoo by William Chavez (Adrenaline Studios)

This concept carries over from above. But we don’t just mean any ol’ snowcapped peak, because as a lover of winter there is a mountain somewhere in Canada (or anywhere in the world) that you (or you aspire to) hike, ski, or snowboard. That mountain has a distinct look and topography that will translate well to a tattoo. Examples of such ski resort mountains across Canada include the following:

  • Whistler Blackcomb
  • Mont Temblant
  • Fernie Alpine
  • Revelstoke Mountain
  • Banff Sunshine
  • Mt. Norquay
  • Big White
  • Lake Louise


Winter Tattoo Ideas Mountains

Another Adrenaline Studios’ winter mountain theme

Need more inspiration? Check out the following work which creates the ultimate winter scene with a bear, mountain range, and snowflake.

Winter is Coming

No matter where you land on the final season (it was great by the way!) GoT will never die. And when it comes to tattoo ideas for fans of winter what could be more appropriate than the House Stark motto which has both literal and figurative meanings to ring true for the rest of your life? Simply put, if you love GoT and winter – this is it.

While any time of the year is a great time to get inked, there are some quirks to getting tattooed in the winter you will want to know about so you can make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, contact an Adrenaline Studios near you today to schedule your consultation.