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American Traditional Fine Line Tattoo

Are you a fan of the American Traditional tattoo style and Fine Line work? Puzzled as to which style to get your next tattoo done in? There’s no need to settle for one or the other! While Fine Line tattoos are considered to be a modern development in the discipline of body art, the style has been around for as long as expert tattooists have been doing intricate designs. In other words – since the beginning of tattooing when the “traditional” tattoo style was just the tattoo style of the era. Below is everything you need to know about getting your American Traditional Fine Line tattoo.

2 Important Tips to Getting a Successful American Traditional Fine Line Tattoo Near You

Choose a Design That Works for Each

While American Traditional work is known for its bold use of lines, which on the surface is contrary to Fine Line, there are a number of designs from the former that work exquisitely with the latter. For example, a sparrow is a mainstay in American Traditional. In the featured image above you can see that when the bold lines are replaced with thinner and more delicate lines, that the work is crisp, clean, and perfectly delineated from the canvas (skin). Have a look at our recent article on Sailor Jerry – the Godfather of American Traditional – to view flash samples. Within this lot you will find designs that can merge both styles and satiate your desire for double-genre tattoo.

Choose an Artist Who Specializes in Both Styles

Now you know that American Traditional (AT) and Fine Line (FL) can work in unison. That’s the good news. The “bad” news however, is that very few tattoo studios can adequately deliver on what you want. The sparrow example that we showed you above can be pulled off by talented tattooists, however, translating other AT designs such as schooners, skulls, and daggers (et cetera) into FT is not something most tattooist can pull off. Choose a tattoo studio that has an artist on staff that specializes in both AT and FT. If located within or are visiting the Greater Vancouver area find peace of mind that Adrenaline VanCity has you covered. Our Kitsilano location is home to Olya, who excels at both styles. Olya will work with you during your initial consultation to come up with a design that you will be truly excited about. Use this booking form to schedule your appointment with Olya today. Or, if you have any questions beforehand you can reach out via one of the contacts provided below.


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