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Can You Tattoo Over Acne

Has ProActiv tuned its back on you days before a scheduled tattoo appointment? OK, so you probably didn’t have a tattoo planned for your face, but there are parts of the body that are prone to breakouts that you do have in mind for your up and coming tattoo. Can you still proceed, or do you have to wait until you’re in the literal clear? Let’s find out.

What to Consider Regarding Acne Break Outs Before a Tattoo Appointment

Reschedule for After an Active Breakout

You should not tattoo on top of an acne breakout. Not only does it compromise the surface of your skin and prevent an artist from working on an ideal canvas, the process can spread bacteria to other parts of the skin and/or worsen existing breakouts. For this reason even small and less obvious (no discoloration or clear infection) breakouts call for rescheduling.

In addition, your pores are more vulnerable during an active breakout. Should the tattoo needle penetrate a pimple the pore may fill up with ink and the ink may settle within, resulting in a blemished appearance. Again, if you are experiencing an acne breakout simply reschedule your appointment.

Are You Prone to Breakouts?

If acne on the part of your body you want to tattoo on is common (which may be the reason for getting the tattoo in the first place) then you may want to consider a walk-in over a scheduled appointment. That way you can jump on the opportunity to get a tattoo when your skin is clear. Otherwise you may be forced into a regular cycle of rescheduled appointments.

However, there is a flip side to this coin. If you are prone to breakouts, then you can anticipate the occurrence and take preventative action leading up to the date of your appointment. This route only makes sense if your preventative action has worked in the past. There may be adjustments to be made to your diet, or you may take prescription medication from your dermatologist. You may also apply a 2.5-5% Benzoyl peroxide solution to the area one-week ahead of your tattoo appointment. If doing the  latter, you may need to build up a tolerance to the Benzoyl peroxide if you have sensitive skin as it can have either a reddening or bleaching effect. Test it out a month or two in advance. If you’re skin is already accustomed to it, then it’s a great preventative measure. Otherwise avoid excessive sweating, keep the intended area clean, and change your bed sheets every day – all of which will help avoid aggravating acne prone skin.

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