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Can't Decide On a Tattoo

Decisions, decisions. Or should we say indecisions? Incertitude on design is what causes deserving people to delay getting a tattoo. It’s time to take a stand against this roadblock to happiness and make up your mind. But how, when all attempts to do so have been fruitless so far? You’ve come to the right place. Below is a breakdown of how you can overcome your indecision.

3 Easy Ways to Choose a Tattoo When You Haven’t Been Able to Figure it Out So Far

The Family

Fear of regret is what makes making a choice so difficult for some. The key is to choose a tattoo that you can’t possibly regret. Among the index of those concepts, is family. If there was an outstanding matriarch or patriarch from your family tree you can immortalize and honor them them with some form of memorial tattoo. And if you’re a parent, getting a tattoo that represents you son, daughter, or both (as applicable) is an easy option. We have prepared some design ideas regarding sons (here) and daughters (here) to help narrow down concepts/placements that appeal to you, and them! Other related concepts include the family crest (design one if there isn’t one!) or simply the family name in a great font. For added support in making your decision you should definitely get feedback from family members whose opinions you respect the most.

The Thing You’re Most Passionate About

This is a surefire choice. However, make sure that it’s something you’ve been passionate about for most of your life, something that you’re certain will never fade. It can’t be a trend, or something you’ve just gotten into (pickleball?) because you may be stoked about it right now, but interest may eventually  dwindle in time. Need examples? If you’re a musician – choose your instrument. If you’re an athlete – choose the thing (basketball, hockey mask, a wave, etc.) that best defines your sport/activity. If you’re a painter – consider a brush or palette. You get the idea. Your passion is a big part of who you are, so you can’t go wrong with a tattoo that represents it.

Click to Claim Your Tattoo

Adrenaline Studios is excited to announce a new platform that allows people who have not been able to decide on a design to finally commit to a choice. The Claim Your Tattoo system is simple and effective. For one, it provides you with access to a large catalogue of custom limited-edition designs. You can browse them all, sort by category (artist, price, popularity), or perform a search for concepts you may be interested in such as skulls, roses, and so forth. Once you find what you like, you can act quickly (as it may sell out!) and click to purchase the tattoo. The purchase is a deposit (with balance due upon work completion) but more importantly, it commits you to finally getting the tattoo you’ve been waiting for, for far too long. The feedback we have received from people who have been on the fence about choosing a design has been tremendous. And as more designs enter the platform, the more likely you’ll find one that connects to your unique preferences and tastes.

Learn more about how it works, or simply give us a call with any questions you have.