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Fall Tattoo Ideas Vancouver Toronto

If you consider autumn to be the bees knees of the four seasons, then you absolutely have inspiration for your next (or first) tattoo. That said, you may be stuck for exactly how to convey your appreciation for the fall via a body ink concept. Like always, we’ve got you covered. Below are some ideas for your design.

5 Great Tattoo Ideas for People Who Love the Autumn Season

Falling (or fallen) Leaves

Autumn’s most common nickname “fall” was born in the 1500s, coming from the notion of falling leaves as deciduous trees shed their appendages at this time of the year. This is the most commonly associated image of the season, and is therefore equally the most popular of autumn tattoo ideas. Have look at what others have done, or simply choose your favorite colors and let your tattooist know if you prefer illustrative realism, or something more animated and unique.

Autumn Trees

You don’t have to use the massacre of piled leaves on the ground to convey Mother Nature’s autumn transition. Many trees maintain their leaves for quite some time, and the colorful canopy of oranges, reds, and yellows makes for an exquisite tattoo.


Starbuck’s iconic pumpkin spiced latte (PCL) has almost become as synonymous as orange hued leaves when it comes to effigies of autumn. Since they introduced beverage in back in 2003, every other coffee shop on the block has introduced their own take on the PCL. If you eagerly await this cozy sip as summer comes to its conclusion then it indeed makes a great tattoo, and conversation piece. Take a look at what fellow fans of pumpkin spiced lattes have tattooed. and come up with one that gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Somethin’ Pumpkin

Pumpkins are up there with leaves and spiced lattes when it comes to autumn tattoo ideas. It’s also a very popular concept in our Vancouver and Toronto tattoo studios, so much in fact that we have devoted an entire article to the theme. Here are 5 Pumpkin-Themed Concepts That Will Make for a Great Tattoo.

Something Scary

Does your admiration for autumn come from your love of Halloween? Then you’ve got your tattoo theme. Visit your local Spirit Halloween store for inspiration, and check out our Top 5 Horror Movie Characters to Tattoo article for some scarily great ideas.

Need a little assist locking in your preferred design? While a consultation will help, you may find exactly what you’re looking for in an autumn tattoo in our claim your tattoo platform. If you have any questions whatsoever, or want to get started on your fall tattoo in Vancouver or Toronto, contact us today.