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When to Get a Second Tattoo

Ready for another? Let’s do this….

You’ve checked that all-important first tattoo off of your list. You’re happy with it and like most people who get tattooed, want more. However, you’re wondering if you should head into your local parlor for another round right away or wait a little longer. Here’s what you need to consider.

5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Second Tattoo

1. Is the Same Artist Available?

Given that you’re wondering when to get a second tattoo we’re assuming that the initial experience was a good one and that you’re happy with the result. In this case, it makes sense to follow up with the same artist. That said, they may be booked solid for the next few weeks or months and not be available as quickly as you want them to be. Resist the urge to find another artist and instead be patient. A successful tattoo is not as common as you may think unless you’ve gone through the process of vetting a shop (here’s how) and artist (here’s how). In the end it’s advisable to form an ongoing relationship with a tattooist as a “second tattoo” often becomes a third, fourth, and so forth as an unbreakable bond is formed.

On the flip side, if you’re anxious to get another tattoo because of the fact that the first wasn’t exactly what you wanted then you may want to try your hand with another studio/artist. If this is the scenario we suggest scheduling a consultation with an Adrenaline Studios near you – we’ll make sure “number two” is the one you’ve always wanted!

2. Has The First Tattoo Fully Healed?

For starters, you can actually get two tattoos in one day as long as the conditions are met. But if a few short weeks have already passed and you’ve been hit with the urge for another you may as well wait until the first has fully healed, especially when you’re so near the finish line. When healed, you won’t have to be concerned about placement of the second tattoo given that you may need to physically lean on the first to allow the tattooist to do their work. Also, you will have formed a clear idea as to how your body responds to ink and the entire process. With a better understanding of your capacity to heal (immune function) you set the table for a larger tattoo this time around, as people often go bigger for their second rendition.

3. Are You Confident in the Design?

You probably gave your first tattoo a lot of thought, and that was probably a big part of why it was successful enough for you to want another. Give the second the same consideration as the first. In fact, afford all future tattoos (because there’s always more!) the same due diligence. Follow our guide to picking a tattoo concept that you won’t regret before booking your appointment.

4. Can You Can Afford It?

Ink job number-two typically denotes that you’re embarking on a new journey – you’re joining the tribe of the tattooed. As we mentioned above, the second is often followed by more, and while your beautiful canvas grows your bank account may not. Make sure you can afford this new lifestyle by following these 5 tips to freeing up funds for tattoos. In the end, investing in YOU is much wiser than tossing money into far more frivolous things.

5. What’s Your Motivation?

What’s the reason for wanting a second tattoo? If the answer is that it just looks awesome and you want another, that’s damn well a good enough rationale – go for it! But there are other motivations that can serve as an even more powerful driving force if you’re still on the fence. For one, a tattoo can help you heal from a past trauma. It can also be leveraged to cover skin conditions, to enhance your physique, to promote your personal brand, and to even help you form social connections. View more on the 5 other benefits of getting a tattoo.

Ready to move forward with another tattoo? Contact us today to schedule your consultation.