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Hand Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

You’ve been looking at your “meat hooks” lately as you scroll through TikTok and type away while working at the office (or whatever you do) and can’t help think that something is missing. Body art, of course! Yes indeed, it’s time to join the thousands of others in the Greater Vancouver area who have given the thumbs-up to a hand tattoo. However, you have a few questions and are stuck for design concepts too. That’s what we’re here for. Read ahead for hand tattoo ideas and those answers to what you’re wondering about.

What You Need to Know About Getting a Hand Tattoo and Some Ideas to Inspire Yours

Can You Tattoo Your Knuckles?

Hand Tattoo Ideas

Everyone knows that a person can tattoo the back of the hand, also known as the dorsal side or posterior hand. While most tattoos are done over this surface, it may limit some of the hand tattoo ideas that you may have in mind already. To widen the canvas area, you’re considering the knuckles, but you’re worried that it may be too complex for a tattoo. It’s not. Check out our article on Can You Tattoo Your Knuckles for more insight.

What About the Fingers?

After the knuckles, people wonder if the fingers are a reasonable option for them. It certainly is, and it opens up other concept possibilities such as a ring design on one or more digits as per the featured image at the top of this article. Click here for more information on where to get a finger tattoo.

Can You Tattoo Your Palms?

This one strikes fear in the hearts of those with a weaker threshold for pain. How can one possibly sit still through a palm tattoo, right? It’s actually viable, and is definitely one of the most unique placement options on the body. Moreover, it allows for more personal concepts that can be visible to YOU but will be rarely seen by others given that people rarely look at the palm of someone’s hand. So what will the pain be like? How long will it take to heal? Will frequent touch-ups be required given the amount of friction it will experience through life? We answer these questions about more in this article on Can You Tattoo Your Palms.

Hand Tattoo Ideas

With the above questions out of the way we can now take a look at some hand tattoo ideas and concepts that may inspire your own. To do so, we have handpicked (pun intended) examples from Adrenaline tattooist Cruise Winger, although all of artists have the advanced skill and steady hand (another pun intended) to do your work of body art.

Hand Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

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