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Gifts for Edgy Friends - Tattoo Shop Holiday Gift Guide

Have a friend of family member that lives on the fringe? Would they fit better at Burning Man over Shambhala? They’d probably roll their eyes at the fact that you even went online and searched the expression “gifts for edgy friends” in the first place. They are a complicated lot, aren’t they? But here’s the thing, in doing so, you are a damn good friend (or kin) because you’re taking the initiative to hunt down a present that truly considers their unique personality. You’re awesome. Now that we’ve pumped your tires accordingly, we can present you with an annual holiday gift guide that you certainly won’t find anywhere else.

5 Tattoo Shop Gift Ideas for Your Not-So-Typical Friend this Holiday Season

1. A Tattoo

Damn right. This gift dares them to not smile upon opening. There’s a good chance that they already have a tattoo and want more, or they plan on getting one, at which point you’re pushing them over the proverbial edge to get ‘er done. We know this is a bold idea, but they’re bold people, so the stars align. If you’re still on the fence, have a look at our list of reasons why giving the gift of a tattoo make perfect sense. If the cost is a but much, you can tone it down with a pre-paid eyebrow tattoo or microblading (if applicable) or even a cosmetic tattoo (aka permanent makeup) if appropriate to who they are.

2. A Piercing 

This is in the same vein of our tattoo suggestion, but much cheaper (for those on a budget), less dramatic, but will be no less appreciated. Opening a gift card or voucher for a piercing will have them running to the mirror to narrow down the best place on their body to get that piercing. It’s like a kid getting a puppy at Christmas (yes, the exact same thing).

3. Body Jewelry 

If your friend or fellow tribe mate already has some pretty sweet body piercings, or you want to pair something with the piercing suggestion above, then body jewelry makes perfect sense. But not just any gear will do, so don’t even think about stepping foot in CLAIRE’S. Brands to keep an eye out for (see Instagram handles) include @tawapa, @alchemyadornment, @invictus_bodyjewelry, @neometaljewelry, and @industrialstrength, all of which can be found right here on our carefully curated body jewelry brand page.

4. Tattoo & Piercing Culture Inspired Clothing

Your friend balks at big brands, preferring to support independents while giving the finger to the man in the process. They wear their heart on their sleeves as much as possible, so make it even easier for them to do just that by outfitting them in clothing and accessories ripped from the womb of the glorious tattoo and piercing culture. And you won’t find them at XX1 Forever, H&M, or Top Shop. Need some examples?  Check out (using their Instagram handles) @rebel8, @blackcraftcult, @sourpussclothing, @lurkingclass, @darkseas and so much more. And yes, you can find a list of all of these independent brands right here at Adrenaline.

5. “The Edgy Gift Basket”

Instead of one or two medium to large gifts, how about putting together the edgiest gift basket your friend has ever seen. The irony will not be lost on them.

It’s an easy wicker hamper to fill when you step into Adrenaline and view the numerous accessories on deck. You can add iron-on patches, keychains, necklaces, bracelets, wallets, socks, unique notebooks, shades, and more. Brands such as Thread Wallets (available at our Kits location) have an awesome line of elastic cardholders, vertical wallets and smartphone cases, while Ban.do (also at our West 4th shop) boasts an eclectic collection of goodies. Other brands like Zoe & Sage have an accessory line that includes everything from odd shaped sunglasses to gold plate antique-styled skeleton key necklaces. The there’s Trixie & Milo a collective that has one of the coolest Men’s lines of gifts to come out of the Pacific Northwest, including vintage style flasks, barware, and multitools. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is come by our shop/s and see for yourself. The only concern, is that you may end up blowing your holiday shopping budget on yourself!

*Availability of the items mentioned above will vary by location and inventory. Come by or call to inquire.