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Gratitude Tattoo

Before we dive into turkey (or faux-turkey) dinner with friends, family, and loved ones this evening, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to our clients – past, present, and future. Adrenaline Studios would not be what we are without them all – you included! From here, we now switch focus to those who want to show more gratitude in their own lives, which is a self-improvement motivation that rears its head quite often this time of the year. Did you know that you could accomplish this task through a new tattoo? Body ink presents you with a tangible way to commit to your worthy ambition. Below is a look at how it a tattoo can help you express gratitude in life.

How You Can Express Greater Gratitude Through a Tattoo

By Making it a Permanent Reminder

The pen, or in this case needle, is mightier than the sword. When you tattoo the literal word, or a symbol that directly represents gratitude, you will have a permanent reminder about your decision to be more beholden to the things you have, versus what you don’t have. When anxiety, stress, depression, anger, jealously, or other negative emotion rears its head (and it will) all you will have to do is roll up your sleeve (or elsewhere) to look at the inked reminder to always remain thankful. Such a simple thing is so very effective.

By Showing Gratitude to That Special Someone

There is someone in your familial or social circle that has made such a positive impact on your life that you want to wear your appreciation for them on your sleeve. Do so literally with a tattoo. This may be your parent/s, grandparent/s, son, daughter, or sibling. It may be your life companion, or a best friend that has been there through it all. What better way to show them how thankful you are to have them in your life, than via some symbol that is representative of them?

By Showing Gratitude for Your Own Passions

Our passions in life are what make life worth living. Whether an activity, sport, hobby, or a foray into the arts (painting, photography, music, etc.) it’s what helps us escape the more challenging parts of our existence (work, etc.). More importantly, our passions are what make us happy. Convey thankfulness for the talent, intellect, and/or spirit of inquiry that we have for the “thing” that revs our engines by getting it tattooed. Tattooing your life’s passion is something that you will never regret.

Need some more help in coming up with a concept? View more on specific tattoo ideas that will help you show gratitude. or simply browse our claim your tattoo platform for inspiration. And once again, we wholeheartedly express our own gratitude for you all. We are honored that you have chosen Adrenaline Studios for your next tattoo!