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How to Choose a Tattoo Removal Clinic in Vancouver and Toronto

So…can you remove this one spot?

Laser tattoo removal has become a hot topic of late. As myths and misconceptions fall to the wayside the public is quickly finding out that they have legitimate recourse to living with a tattoo they no longer want. But now comes the tricky part – choosing where to get it done. Below is everything you need to verify before making your decision.

5 Tips to Picking the Best Tattoo Removal Clinic

1. Make Sure It’s Located Within an Actual Tattoo Studio (vs Cosmetic Clinic)

For starters, make sure that you get the tattoo removed from a place that knows tattoos better than any other facility – a tattoo studio that offers removal services. Only a laser technician who is also an expert in body ink has the in-depth knowledge you need to ensure success. A cosmetic laser clinic on the other hand, simply does not. View more on why a cosmetic clinic simply doesn’t compare.

2. Verify That They Use Industry Leading Laser Technology

Not all laser removal technology is created the same. Not at all. There is only one that offers a greater success rate, greater client comfort, and shorter yet more impactful sessions – the PicoSure system with patented PressureWave technology. Learn more about the benefits of PicoSure over the alternatives and be sure to ask tattoo removal candidates if they leverage this modern technology. We do.

3. Check Reviews for History of Success

This is a logical qualifier that you should never neglect. While on-site “testimonials” can be gamed, Google and Facebook Reviews typically provide a reasonable accounting of user experience. Read through Google Reviews for studios near you (Vancouver and Toronto) for ratings 4-stars and greater, and do the same by looking at the reviews of a candidate’s Facebook Page too (Vancouver and Toronto). Be sure to reference reviews that mention tattoo removal for greater relevance.

4. Verify Health & Safety Regulations Are Met

This is a key component for qualifying a tattoo studio and is no different for a tattoo removal clinic.

In Greater Vancouver BC a candidate clinic must abide by and maintain the tattoo and piercing safety standards laid out through HealthLink BC. In Toronto ON there are detailed guidelines in place for how a studio must address skin infection prevention and control. Be sure ask candidate tattoo removal studios to verify that they meet these standards. At Adrenaline VanCity and Toronto, we conform to and exceed all federal and provincial requirements. Feel free to contact any one of our studios to ease any and all concerns you may have before your consultation.

5. Verify That They Offer FREE Consultation

Some tattoo removal clinics have the audacity to charge prospective clients for a consolation. This is not the legal industry folks, so you should not have to pay up for a consolation no matter how in-depth it ends up becoming. At Adrenaline Vancouver and Toronto, tattoo removal consultations are FREE. Better yet, your patient and understanding specialist will work with you to offer packages that best consider your budget and ongoing schedule to ensure greater flexibility.

Call it leading the witness if you like, but as you can see Adrenaline Studios checks the boxes for all of the key qualifiers for picking a tattoo removal clinic. Contact us today for your free consultation.