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Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

The are a lot of unknowns (for the general public) when it comes to tattoo removal, especially in light of recent developments in laser technology. For this reason, the uninitiated may be living with serious tattoo regret when they shouldn’t have to. This is compounded by the fact that there are a few common misconceptions floating around out there. Today, we’re here to clear up these myths.

8 Commons Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal

1. It’s Done in One Session

There is no cookie cutter answer for how many sessions it will take, but we can say for certainty that unless you received a tattoo the size and tone of a freckle, it will not take one session. Whomever told you so is uninformed so plan for anywhere between three and a dozen treatments. The number is entirely contingent upon the age of tattoo, its size, ink density, body location, quality of work, your general health, capacity to heal, and your comfort level in each session. That said, give your skin the best shot at early success by following these 5 tips to preparing for tattoo removal.

2. All Laser Removal Options Are About The Same

This is mythical justification that some people hold on to when shopping around for tattoo removal options, especially when their budgets are very tight. Remember this – budget shopping is what probably got you stuck with a bad tattoo in the first place. To make the same mistake the second time around can leave you scarred, literally, or at the very least with a dark blemish on your skin that will look worse that the rueful tattoo. Allow us to make this easy for – there is only one true laser for tattoo removal for those of you in Vancouver BC or Toronto ON. The PicoSure system with patented PressureWave technology is the ultimate in laser tattoo removal and superior above all other options near you. Learn more about the benefits of PicoSure over the other so-called options.

3. A Cosmetic Laser Clinic is Where to Go

This big myth is born from the fact that when most people think of a tattoo studio, they assume the only services provided are for tattoos and piercings, whereas laser clinics are thought to be experts in cosmetic correction. And they are, but what they are not – are experts in tattoos. Tattoos are not moles, scars, stretch marks, freckles, or other skin features deemed to be an abnormality. A cosmetic laser clinic does not have the same in-depth understanding of tattoo removal as a tattoo clinic with expert laser technicians on staff. View more on why you should never go to a cosmetic laser clinic for tattoo removal.

4. It Won’t Hurt

We’re not just here to sing the praises of laser tattoo removal and only focus on the great benefits. We’re here to be upfront, which means addressing one myth – that laser removal is completely painless. Here’s the thing, if it is completely without some pain or at least discomfort, you’ve probably chosen an ineffective technology and will still be stuck glaring at some unsightly blemish on your skin for your remaining years. Proper laser tattoo removal may sting a little (likened to quick elastic band snaps) but the degree is dependent upon your threshold for such a thing.

5. It Will Hurt Lots

On the flip side of myth #4 above, some of you hear that laser tattoo removal hurts more than getting a tattoo. For most people, it does not, even for those with a low tolerance for pain. The procedure is very fast, much more so than applying the original tattoo. In addition, a refrigerated cooling fan is used to at our studios to alleviate discomfort during your treatment. Nearly everyone who sits in our laser technicians’ chairs are surprised at how quick each session is.

6. It Doesn’t Really Work

As soon as you start talking about getting a tattoo removed to friends, family, coworkers, or some random dude on the bus you’re going to hear from some that it doesn’t really work. This is the result of poorly performed procedures and applied technologies of the past, some that even persist today. We’re not surprised that this misconception perpetuates because it is far too often true. But alas, it all comes down to access superior laser technology (as per item #2) and the right clinic (as per item #3). By leveraging the power of PicoSure laser in the hands of a reputable studio’s technician you will find that it really DOES work, and better than expected.

7. It’s Too Expensive

As we alluded to in item #2 above, superior technology is not exactly “low budget” but honestly, what do you consider to be too expensive when it comes to your body? Yes, there is an investment involved and the more sessions required the more it will cost, but the cost of living with a regretful tattoo is often worse. It may affect you emotionally, socially, and professionally, which collectively is way more “expensive” both figuratively and literally.

You’ll be happy to hear that laser tattoo removal consultations are FREE at our Vancouver and Toronto studios, and your technician will work with you to offer packages best suited to your budget and preferred timeline of completion.

8. You Can’t Tattoo Over the Same Spot

Another rumor is that once you’ve removed a tattoo with laser that the underlying skin will remain to be too sensitive and no longer conducive to effectively accept ink in the future. But as long as you’ve allowed yourself enough time to heal, this myth is absolutely false. In fact, laser tattoo removal is even used to fade an undesired tattoo to make room for a preferred coverup. View more about that process here.

If you have any additional questions about laser tattoo removal or are simply ready to schedule your FREE consultation, contact an Adrenaline studio near you (Vancouver and Toronto) today.