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How to Remove a Color Tattoo

We’ve discussed what it takes to remove a small tattoo, and a large tattoo. Logically, we now switch focus to the next common query – how to remove a color tattoo. Is there a difference? Are there any special considerations that owners of these unwanted ink-jobs need to know about before booking a consultation? Let’s review.

What You Need to Know When You Want to Have a Color Tattoo Removed

Color Tattoos Are Typically More Challenging to Remove (with common lasers)

You’d think that deep, dark, black and grey tattoos would be harder to remove. However, this is typically not the case.

When using the commonplace method known as q-switched laser removal, removing colored ink is actually harder. This is because this laser removal process has been designed to specifically target black ink. Right away, you can see the innate fault of this supposed solution. In addition, varying dyes respond to different light wavelengths. As mentioned, black is the easiest, followed by dark green. On the flip side, yellow, purple, light blues (turquoise, cyan, etc.), light greens, and fluorescent dyes are the hardest to fade and can be almost impossible (w/q-switched) to outright remove. The other colors (red, brown, etc.) also present challenges in differing degrees.

Unfortunately, many tattoo removal studios from Vancouver to Toronto still use this outdated form of laser removal. The good news, is that there is an effective option for removing color tattoos – PicoSure laser treatment, which is the platinum standard in laser tattoo removal. This state of the art process leverages photo-thermal technology to not only spare the skin from damage (which q-switched lasers cause) it also provides far superior color removal with fewer treatments. This includes resistant ink tones such as certain blues, greens, yellows, and purples. Yes, color tattoos take comparatively more effort, but with PicoSure treatment via Adrenaline Studios you will receive the most effective removal possible. Adrenaline pledges to continue to remove your tattoo until all (or nearly all) of the removable ink is gone, regardless of the number of sessions or time it takes to complete. Our staff will also be open and honest, as to reduce the number of online laser removal treatments for large colorful designs, we may suggest that fading for cover up be the preferred solution. The latter may save you time and overall cost. Learn more about the benefits of PicoSure.

With all of the above taken into consideration, we now suggest that you have a quick look at our article about how to remove a tattoo, which provides further insight into what you need to know, including details about how long it will take and when you should be started.

With hundreds (en route to thousands) of successful removal treatments, our expert clinicians treat each as the unique entity that it is. Lets find out what will be required for your specific tattoo. Schedule a consultation at a Vancouver or Toronto area tattoo (and removal) studio near you.