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How to Remove a Small Tattoo Vancouver Toronto

We provided advice on how to remove a large tattoo, but what about a small tattoo? The solution is the same, aside from the welcoming fact that it will require fewer laser treatments, shorter sessions, less time to heal between sessions, and will ultimately cost less. So why the need for this specific article? Because when it comes to the question about how to remove a small tattoo there are some concerning things on the internet that need to be addressed. Here’s what you need to know.

Advice to Avoid When it Comes to Removing a Small Tattoo (and the only solution you should consider)

Do Not Try to Remove a Small Tattoo With Salt

When you Googled “How to remove a small tattoo” you may have seen the search bar autofill “with salt”. This is an absolute myth. You cannot safely remove a tattoo of any shape or size by violently scrubbing it with the grain. This is essential the prison-solution for tattoo removal. Unless you also make your hooch in a toilet, we suggest skipping this option. When it comes to tattoo removal, never pass the salt.

Do Not Try to Make (or Buy) Removal Creams for Your Small Tattoo

You may have also come across a number of Reddit discussions and irresponsible blogs regarding how to make tattoo removal creams for smaller ink jobs. Disregard any behind-the-keyboard know-it-alls that say that this is an option. These creams contain bleaching agents and/or other chemicals such as the peeling agent trichloroacetic acid. At best, the result will be a somewhat faded ink job that now is a distorted and discolored version of the original work. That once small tattoo will become a permanent scar and massive eyesore. Steer clear of purported “magic creams”.

Don’t Waste Good Food on Small Tattoo Removal

The above two solutions (which aren’t) can harm your skin. But there is another ridiculous notion for small tattoo removal that may not cause harm, but will just result in a waste of time and some good ingredients from your pantry. That’s right, there are a few terrible house & home blogs out there suggesting that you can make concoctions that include honey, yogurt, aloe pulp, lemon, apricot, with a dash of table salt to get rid of small tattoos after numerous applications. While there may be a decent smoothie recipe in there somewhere, whomever writes such DIY silliness should go back to picking their kids of from soccer practice and leave this topic to the professionals.

Do Not Try to Remove a Small Tattoo at Home

This carries over from the terrible advice found on the internet that we have addressed above. Your Google search for “How to remove a small tattoo” also autofills to conclude with “at home”. We can say for absolute certainty that there is no safe or effective at-home solution for tattoo removal of any shape or size. Instead, head straight into a tattoo shop (vs a cosmetic laser clinic) that offers PicoSure laser tattoo removalsLearn more about the benefits of PicoSure. If you live in the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area contact an Adrenaline tattoo removal studio near you.