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Spontaneous Tattoo Vancouver BC

You were sitting on the sofa, walking down the street, or toiling away at work when it hit you like a ton of bricks. You need a tattoo, and you need it ASAP. You can book it right now at any Vancouver location or  read ahead first to make a more informed decision.

4 Things to Consider Once Inspiration Suddenly Strikes to Get a Tattoo (right now)

Is Getting a Spontaneous Tattoo a Good Idea?

If you’re a spontaneous person it checks out, because it reflects your personality which is what tattoos are supposed to do in the first place. On the flip side, if you’ve long been an overthinking and procrastinating individual, a spontaneous tattoo could be the first and highly-committed step in making a change towards being the person you’ve always wanted to become. However, no matter which side of the coin you land on it’s important to also consider size and design so that you don’t end up with a work of body art that you’ll regret. Please keep reading.

Start with a Small Spontaneous Tattoo

An unplanned tattoo is, well, unplanned. This lack of a blueprint can be a little risky when it comes to the potential for regret. As a result, we suggest that you go with a small tattoo, especially if it’s your first one. Design style is also an important consideration, with fine line tattoos being a preferred option for those who have made an impromptu decision to get inked. Fine line is generally less painful (less pressure applied) and is more subtle yet exudes a sense of quality as it is a specialized style that requires an expert touch. Moreover, fine line tattoos can be done more quickly than other types of tattoos, which will accommodate your lack of planning.

Picking a Spontaneous Tattoo Design

You either know what you want or you don’t. If the latter, you need some help or your spontaneity could lead to yet another delay. You can either try out a Get What You Get Tattoo (GWYGT) or follow this guide to Choosing a Tattoo Design When You Don’t Know What to Get.

Where to Get a Spontaneous Tattoo?

Waitlists are the enemy of the spontaneous tattoo. You need a premium shop/studio that accepts walk-ins because they have a large enough staff on-site during hours of operation that can accommodate your unpremeditated desire. If located within or are visiting the Greater Vancouver area you’ll be pleased to know that Adrenaline VanCity has multiple locations that take walk-in clients and quick turnaround booking requests.

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