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We came across a couple of stories when curating content for our recent Tattoos in the News segment for September 2023. Instead of including them in the monthly report, we decided to address them via a separate article because of the importance. One such topic, was the concept of supposed tattoo alternatives. Below is a breakdown of two that are being promoted across Canada and the USA that we don’t feel are legitimate alternatives at all. Please review and decide what you think.

2 Trends Being Touted as Tattoo Alternatives that Aren’t Actually Legitimate Substitutes for the Real Thing

Permanent Jewelry

Tattoo Alternative - Permanent Jewelry

We keep hearing (in the news) about how permanent jewelry is an alternative to tattoos. For the uninitiated, permanent jewelry refers to a jewelry (typically a necklace, bracelet, or anklet) that’s welded together instead of secured with a clasp around the wrist, neck, or ankle.

To begin with, this is not a tattoo alternative. It’s a jewelry alternative, so we wish the media and whomever would stop referring to it as a substitute. In addition, it’s really not permanent in the same sense of the word, as it can be broken or snapped off either intentionally or unintentionally if snagged on something firm. We know we’re being nit-picky here, but for goodness sake we just wish the comparison would cease!

Made to Fade Tattoos

Tattoo Alternative - Made to Fade

Made-to-fade tattoos aren’t the same as temporary tattoos that you find at carnivals and stands in beach vacation towns. They aren’t henna (a true art form) either. Instead, the term made-to-fade tattoos were coined to describe Ephemeral ink that contains medical-grade, bio-absorbable ingredients that shrink over time. It was originally estimated that about 70% of Ephemerals fade from skin after just over a year.

On the surface it seems like a cool concept for someone who is on the fence about whether or not to get a permanent tattoo, or wants one to commemorate a relatively brief moment in their life. However, like most things of this nature, it seems that the concept was too good (if you can call it that) to be true. This month (September 2023) it was reported that Ephemeral Tattoo, the startup specializing in “made-to-fade” ink, is shutting down its studios after a number of reports came out to infer that the company’s tattoos last significantly longer than advertised.

Why You Should Just Get a Tattoo

We understand why noncommittal individuals would seek out tattoo alternatives. However, we encourage you to reconsider and instead get the real thing. In addition to the aesthetic advantage and conveyance of something that is important to you, there are a number of other benefits to getting one, which include the following:

  • Can help heal past trauma
  • Can cover skin problems
  • Can enhance your physique
  • Can enhance your personal “brand”
  • Can connect you to others

View more on the benefits of getting a permanent tattoo, and remember, if you absolutely must get it removed one day for some important reason, you can return to use for effective removal.

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