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Tattoo Ideas for Athletes

Are you an avid, amateur, or outright professional athlete? Given that your love of sport is a big part of who you are, you want a tattoo that represents this fact. That said, you’re stuck for ideas which is why you’re online in search of ideas. Having tattooed a number of athletes over the years we are more than qualified to help. Below are some great design themes to consider.

Five Tattoo Concepts for Athletes That You Won’t Regret

1. Your Team

If you’ve been a part of a team for a couple of years (collegiate, semi-pro, pro, etc.) then the team name and logo is a logical way to go. In fact, athletics is one of the top five reasons for getting a group tattoo, so try to get your teammates to get one too!

2. Your Sport’s Gear

If a team logo requires a bit too much commitment (contract negotiations anyone?) then play it safe by choosing a symbol best associated with your sport. This is an easy one. If you play hockey, then get cool goalie mask tattoo or stick. If you’re a runner, then a pair of your favorite sneakers. If you hoop, get a basketball design. If play football, the throw-in on a pigskin. If you’re a boxer, get gloves. You get the idea.

3. A Legend from Your Sport

There’s an idol in your sport that you look up to and/or aspire to be like when it comes to their competitive drive and savvy. A tattoo that represents this legend is worthy of a tattoo. Die-hard fans can go with a full-on portrait of a classic photo of the pro, but if that seems like a bit much a symbol that represents them is an alternative. There aren’t many examples of the latter, but the Michael Jordan “Jumpman” or the Kobe Bryant symbol are perfect options for serious ballers. You can also tattoo their jersey number if they are synonymous with one, such as #99 (Wayne Gretzky), #42 (Jackie Robinson), or #23 (Michael Jordan).

4. Eyes on the Prize

For every sport, there’s a piece of hardware that’s given out to the champion. It makes for a great tattoo as it will serve as your own motivation to accomplish the same or similar goal. You may not be in the same league, but it represents the upper echelon of what you can achieve for your’s. Examples include an Olympic gold medal (various sports), the Stanley Cup (hockey), the Vince Lombardi trophy (football), the FIFA World Cup trophy (soccer), and the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy.

5. Motivational Quote

“You don’t lose if you get knocked down. You lose if you stay down” (Muhammed Ali)

Motivational quotes have been added to the “vision boards” of athletes since the beginning of sport. You probably already have one that revs your competitive engine prior to a big game or event. With the right font, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better tattoo design idea. For an added assist, view our guide for where to tattoo quotes and words.

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